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 August 21, 2017: Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an extramural activity where participants usually play role as delegates to the United Nations and represent UN committees. This movement takes place at MUN conferences that is generally arranged by a high school or college MUN group. By the end of most conferences, exceptional delegates in each committee are acknowledged and given an award certificate.


The MUN is a life experience everyone at the conference is waiting for and will never forget for the rest of their lives. To become a Chair at the MUN is a great praise and accountability. The committee chair can make a significant difference on each delegates’ Model UN experience. How to write a model UN position paper is something that can initially look very hard for participants who take part in model U.N. at their school.


Proper training and top quality resources help the students to write a great MUN position paper outline and develop their skills. is a website that gives valuable and outstanding MUN Chair tips to improve your MUN skills. Each delegation must write one complete position paper that covers all the committees and topics for their delegation.


A well-researched paper will prove to the secretariat of your model U.N. that you know what you are speaking about and have put in the work to write out your position paper the best that you possibly can. Give emphasis strongly on potential solutions to your specific topic. This site YourMUN strives to be the best online resource available to write impressive postion paper model UN.


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YourMUN is a website that helps to improve your MUN skills by giving all the top MUN chair tips to succeed at Model United Nations. They also publish a guide about MUN position papers. To know more please visit


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