Elections at housing societies could be considered as a bone of contention among its members. They have the right to elect the managing committee of the housing society every five years. If any society refuses to do so then a legal complaint could be launched against it. As there are situations when in some societies election is conducted once and the same person continues to hold the position for years. Sometimes these elections are avoided because of the hassle in the election process. If the whole voting process is conducted using Housing societies voting app launched by right2vote then the process could be simplified very easily.

How are Housing society elections held?

A proper procedure has been laid down for conducting elections to appoint a managing committee. This procedure must be according to the cooperatives societies Act. The election process starts about two months prior to the end of the existing managing committee’s term. The management committee, in fact, has to put forward a notice of the expiry of the term. Further, it has to invite members to contest the next election. When the elections could be done using the app then the app would automatically remind the members through a notification about it.

The members are invited to the election process then a list of members is compiled who are eligible to vote. This list has to put on the notice board 60 days prior to the election. After that, a returning officer is appointed by the managing committee who would oversee the election procedure. Then the complete election program is submitted to the registrar and a copy is put up on the notice board. While choosing the returning officer it has to be kept in mind that the officer can’t be someone who is contesting the election or supporting a candidate. If the management committee fails to appoint any returning officer, then the registering officer has the authority to appoint. The need of a returning officer could be abolished when the whole voting process is conducted using a voting app.

What is done in case of dispute?

If there is any kind of dispute with another member of the society, or there is grievance over certain matters practiced by the society then you can lodge a complaint with the managing committee. The committee has to look over the issue and then respond within 15 days of receiving any complaint. In case the committee doesn’t respond back within this time duration then you can approach the deputy registrar office. It regulates all the matters of the housing societies, including a transfer of shares, maintenance of records, improper use of funds and unfair electoral practices. At any point of time if it is found that the existing committee is holding the position without proper elections then the existing committee could be dissolved, and an administrative officer is appointed who would look over the affairs of the society till fresh elections are conducted. If you want hassle free and genuine housing society elections, then the voting process must be done using a housing society voting app.

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