Since the trend of outsourcing call centers began, companies started offloading their back office tasks to vendors located across the globe. The advantages of back office outsourcing ventures were immediately received by businesses, especially by companies located in the developed world. However, with increased competition and reduced prices for back office tasks, some businesses fell in the trap of outsourcing to the cheapest vendor available. Especially for tasks that were considered easy e.g. data entry, companies were quite nonchalant in outsourcing back office support services.

Risk of Outsourcing to the Cheapest Vendor

Data entry tasks may seem simple but when done repeatedly and over long periods of time, the possibility of errors increase greatly. Hence, businesses should be very careful in outsourcing their data entry process and not outsource to the cheapest vendors out there. Some of the risks of outsourcing incorrectly are:

  1. Redundancy – Data entry requires old data to be replaced by new data. However, inexperience and lack of professionalism in data entry work may lead to undesired redundancy in the database. This will increase the time it takes to gather the right information and mess up the whole integrity of the data set.
  2. Wrong estimations – An organization relies on its data for gathering insights about its business. These insights can be used for forecasting the future of business and devising strategies. However, when the data that you are using for this purpose is wrong then the whole forecasting process goes for a toss.

The Defining Characteristics of Quality Back Office Service Providers

If you are worried about data entry, then it’s time to take the help of accomplished back office service providers. Before employing a vendor for your back office support services, you should look for a data entry company with the following capabilities:

  1. Data entry validation programs – For data entry processes to be accomplished correctly at all times, data entry validation programs need to be utilized. It may take slightly longer to validate the data; however, the time spent on validation is absolutely worth it. With data validation, you do not have to worry about the integrity of your data. This gives you complete peace of mind and helps you carry on your data-dependent tasks without any hassle.
  2. Expertise in handling data entry software – The staff handling data entry tasks should be well-versed in operating the data entry software like AutoEntry, PhraseExpander etc. It should have hands-on experience on latest software and should have the capability to find bugs and rectify the mistakes.


Data entry is just as important as any other back office support services. Just because it is deemed simple, it would be foolish to hand it over to a substandard vendor. Only employ the best back office service providers that have a staff with hand-on experience on data entry software solutions. Moreover, when you hand over your data to a reputed provider of back office support services, you eliminate the risk of data getting compromised as they have good security measures in place.