Nowadays, video conferencing solutions and video calls are not a new phenomenon. However, there is still a lot you can explore when it comes to an error-free video conferencing process. Emerging technology has succeeded in eliminating barriers like distances, time and expenses. Hence, we all can experience improved efficiency and developed communication on a global scale. Though video conferencing sounds simple regarding its applications; you need to learn few fundamentals of using it professionally. I’m highlighting a few mistakes you should always avoid while you are attending a video conference. They are as follows: 
> Not adjusting the settings- Generally, default settings are adjusted in such a way that you can conduct a video call even when there is inadequate light. These complicated settings define the video output on your screen. However, you might have a well-lit room as well. So please check the camera settings and it’s an angle. Otherwise, your video call will end up miserably. It’s required to adjust it appropriately to make sure that everything is being shot in enough light and with correct framing. 
> Unprofessional dressing- When you decide to go live on a video conference services, its necessary to check that you have appropriately dressed. Wearing casuals don’t leave a good impact on the clients. It may convey the message that you are not severe or honest about your business. Wearing formal attire is mandatory and a code of conduct during business calls. You should appropriately dressed ironed, cleaned, decent and neat clothes. 
> Not fixing lights- Lighting condition is often ignored during a video call which makes you pay a lot. If your room is dark, it’s likely that your face is not going to be displayed to the people whom you are interacting with. Shadows are required to be wiped out with proper lighting. You need to conduct a trial and error method if you are not well-versed with lighting conditions. If needed, ask your video conferencing service provider to provide extra lights. It’s incredibly crucial to conduct a video conference in a well-lit ambience. 
> Loud noise at background- If your room where a video call is going on is not a quiet one; trust me your conversation is going to be a colossal failure! For instance, there may be multiple amounts of background noises like barking dogs, honking vehicles, people talking to each other and so on. Your video conferencing room should be isolated from everything. There should be pin-drop silence in the vicinity while a video call is going on. If your system has a mute button, make sure you use it at the right time. If there are five people included in a discussion from one end, and if one person is speaking at a time; all other four lines should be muted until he finishes with his part. It helps you avoid disturbances. 
> Not looking at the camera- It’s one of the most common mistakes that take place during a video conference. Many people do not see the lens of the camera and instead look here and there. In addition, it leaves a negative impact on the person with who you are dealing. It conveys different messages; like either, you are disinterested in the conversation, or you are not aware of using a video conference tool. Be firm while talking and look straight into the camera. Your facial expressions, gestures everything is recorded into the camera, and people can witness it live. So be careful but confident while speaking on a video conference call. 
> Not focusing on your call- While you are indulged in a video call set up by video conferencing companies, make sure you are not handling any other task. Many people have a terrible habit of reading newspaper, scrolling through a Twitter page, chatting with each other while a conference call is going on. It creates unnecessary disruptions and confusions. Be professional while something important is being discussed. Pay your complete attention to what is going on in a call; jot down the notes for further discussion. Listen well and then reply accordingly. The level of engagement in a video call is always judged by the person sitting across. 
> Being unprepared- Many of the people do not prepare themselves before going on a video call. Nowadays, people do not have much time. Surprised people often speak vague and pointless. They can neither state their topic nor can conclude it desirable. It creates doubts and confusion in the minds of the people who are listening to the speaker. You should do an essential background work before you are going on a video call. Jot down the important bullet points on a paper or your tablet and explain to them precisely. Be ready for the doubts that might be asked by the people listening to you. Solve all their queries patiently. Keep your speech precise and short. Use a simple language that even layman could understand.  
By reading the above video conferencing tips, you must be committing yourself that you won’t make any of the mistakes onward. Always remember that best video conferencing solutions are real-time conversation platforms where people can see and hear each other at every moment. Your professional behaviour and disciplined work-culture are always expressed through a video call. So, it’s significant to be well mannered and well-prepared while you are going on a video call. All the best!