Having a high conversion rate; webcasts are known as one of the most potent types of content. Depending upon the registrations, actual participants and lead generation, you can quickly calculate the success ration of your webcast. Nowadays, social media streams are used for multiple purposes by different industries. Some of them use it for product/service promotion; while others use it for launching a brand or offering product demos as well. Always remember one thing that people won’t automatically turn to your event just because you have picked up any trending topic. You have to take a few significant efforts systematically so that people would be excited to participate in webcasting services you are opting for. Among a wide array of ways, social media is my favourite hot trick to boost a webcast like never before. Following are some skilled ways you can promote your webcast on social media: 
> Make a landing page for optimization- Landing page is the foremost requirement if you are planning to encourage webcasting solutions. A good landing page offers you an excellent conversion rate. Adding to it, you should create a precise and crisp landing page to optimize it for sharing on social media. If you can make your webcast promotion viral across social media, your followers will share the updates with their friends and followers. Eventually you will get even better traffic, and finally, you can also gain positive leads for the event. 
> Don’t overlook share buttons- It is another best way for optimizing your landing page. It is found that adding share buttons of social media can increase your share by seven times per page. Also, adding social media buttons is an excellent way to create social evidence for your event. When a reader finds such buttons on your landing page; he is likely to visit the page to explore more. On the social media pages, you can add teaser videos, sneak peeks or posts to create a hype about the webcast. In this way, you can make people eager for the event. Don’t add lots of share buttons. I would suggest you add 2 to 4 pins of major social media platforms where you post updates regularly. Also, focus on a particular platform if you find more traffic coming from that platform. 
> Consistency is important- Just promoting your webinar before and after the actual session doesn’t matter. Always record it for your reference. Either embed a URL on your website or post it on video sharing site in addition to cloud storage. Once the webcast is over, you can create free access to your webcast for the public. Make use of visuals and catchy copies to direct the audience and generate interlinking of the teasers, landing pages, and actual webcast video to engage the traffic. I would recommend you to upload your webcast side deck on a SlideShare. It is because; on SlideShare, you get the option to keep your presentation private, public or accessible through a password. When you upload a presentation, make sure you are sharing a complete story of the topic with the audience. In this way, they’ll understand it better. Also link your webcast slides with social media platforms so that, viewers need not log out the website to watch your webcast. 
> Contact the influencers- It is one of the best ways to boost your webcast through social media promotion. Influencers have an excellent reach and popularity across numerous social media websites. You can ask them to promote your webcast so that they can make it viral. Make sure the process of sharing your webcast update for them is comfortable and convenient. Create an appealing social media message and embed it in a link or share button in the email draft. If marketing influencers find your webcast a profitable one; they can offer you multiple tricks to reach out to the potential audience. Branding of products or services has become more significant these days with the help of leading social media influencers.  
> Be social- Make sure your presence on the social media is adequate to reach out to your audience. Create blog posts or exciting emailers to make people aware of your webinar promotion. You can also create GIFs, videos to let people understand the topic you are going to discuss. Contact professional bloggers or influencers and request them to provide guest articles related to your webcast. Promotional videos, write up of the recent updates of your webcast, news feeds are a few innovative ways of promoting business through social media. Upload your promo video on Facebook along with a crunchy post and link it to the other video channels like YouTube. You can easily share your YouTube link on Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Hence, you can encompass your social media presence at the same time. Don’t forget to interact with your potential viewers through invitations and reminders. 
Promoting your webcast on social media is the process that requires patience and a lot of research. Keep exploring the unique methods to amplify the news of your event which is going to be handled by webcast service providers. Keep in mind that visuals accompany by precise texts are the essentials of online marketing. Social media tools and other sharing widgets are indeed significant boosters for your upcoming webcast; so give it your best!