Error light just indicates that something happened wrong with your device. If there is any internal error then lights expose as a warning signal. There are multiple ways to fix the Canon Printer Light Errors.

Note: It’s very important to understand that the light significant showing which error.


2-3 Flash Errors:

Errors 2-3 flash messages displays “Out of Paper” or “Paper Jam” respectively. To fix this issue just you need to reload papers properly in the paper tray. Afterwards tap to Resume or Cancel button.

4, 5, and 7 Flash Errors:

Error 4 and 7 indicates that ink tank is not configured at accurate place. Error message 5 displays that print head is not installed properly. So, you are recommended to install the Print head and ink tanks in their correct position. And at last tap to Resume button to complete the process.

8, 13,14,15,16 Flash Errors:

These all error indicates that “Ink tank cannot be recognized” or “Ink level cannot be detected”. To fix such type of bugs replace ink tank or install a proper ink tank in the printing device.

9, 19 Flash Error:

While printer device is communicating with the computer system then, error 19 flush suddenly. At this time you need a well connection by replacing USB cable or connecting them directly to system.

For More Information call to Canon Printer Customer Support Number:

We have a highly qualified group of tech experts to flash your device issue. You can just give a call on Canon Printer Customer Support Number and have a nice communication with the professionals to fix Canon Printer Light Errors.


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