Headquartered in Seattle, Alaska Airlines are the seventh largest US passenger airlines in the world which flies to more than 100 destinations in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.  The airline boasts being the largest air carrier between Alaska and mainland United States but most of its revenue is generated through routes outside of Alaska. Being a large carrier that offers multiple flights between destinations, there are a lot of opportunities to book cheaper tickets. However, booking cheap tickets, whether it is with Alaska Airlines or any other airlines, is becoming more of an art these days than a simple process.

Here, we have listed a few hacks that will help you in booking cheap Alaska Airlines tickets.

Book your Alaska Airlines tickets early

The most important tip to book cheap air tickets applies in the case of Alaska Airlines as well. Book your Alaska Airlines tickets early but make sure you don’t book them too early. One month prior to departure is the ideal time to score cheap Alaska Airlines tickets.

Use Incognito mode on your browser when searching for cheap Alaska Airlines tickets

The online travel portals these days are smarter than you think. Most of them record your search data through cookies and server details. So the moment you try and finally book a ticket that you checked previously, you may find to your dismay that the prices have increased. Avoid this trap by going incognito in your browsers or clear the cookies after you have searched for flight tickets but postponed the booking for later.

Be flexible with your travel plans

This is another method where you can reduce the cost of travel considerably. Let’s say you have to travel to Anchorage in January via Alaska Airlines, and then you can search the flight fares for the entire month of January and try and adjust your travel dates around the time at which the tickets are the cheapest. Especially, traveling during weekdays can save significantly on your airfare. We understand this might not be possible all the time but whenever it is, take advantage of this travel hack.

Use the Alaska Airlines coupons and air miles

If you frequently fly with Alaska Airlines or the airlines with which Alaska Airlines has a code share agreement with like British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finn air etc., then you would have accumulated a lot of air travel miles. Use these air miles to get great discounts on you Alaska Airlines flights in the future.

Keep checking the Alaska Airlines website and follow them on Social Media

Almost all airlines these days including Alaska Airlines regularly run campaigns on their social media pages where they offer discounts on special occasions. These campaigns can also been seen on their official websites. So follow Alaska Airlines on different social media to get notified about these campaigns and use them to book cheap tickets.