The beauty of the moon will be fictional common, but do not get Suprmoon mention civilization and astronomy treatise, Suprmoon be on November 14. At night the moon will appear in full bloom.


This time of the Kartik Purnima, full moon will appear at puberty. November 14 is going to be 30 percent more than other days, Suprmoon will be beautifully visible. 68 years later, it will appear in the moon glow. Scientists say that in this era of not to miss selfie Moon Didar. In 1979, Suprmoon term began, this was used by astrologer Richard Naule. Suprmoon forms when the moon at the time of the full moon closest to the situation comes within 90 percent or more. This time he went round the Earth in its orbit is very close to coming, because 14 per cent larger than the size of the position is visible. This scene is going to be unique Bedh. The moon to capture it, scientists are researching and preparing for the painter. On the night of November 14, the moon will brighten the earth with its radiance.

November 14 evening 5:27 pm Moonrise Suprmoon day in Nainital and set November 15 will be at 7.05 in the morning. Rise in Dehradun down 5.32 and 7.12 to 15, while the rise in the national capital will be at 5:33 and 7:13 down.

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