Experts defined leased line as a kind of private telecommunication line, which has a bidirectional or symmetric face.

Thus, it is a fixed bandwidth used for connecting two locations together. The first location is related to corporate offices and the second one is used by another corporate office, which is connected to the internet or data.

There is no requirement of telephone number and each side gets permanently connected to the other one.

An internet leased line is generally required for business purpose in order to connect geographically distant offices. It is always active, unlike others dial up connections.

Being a premium internet connection, it has been widely used for different applications, like:

  • Get connected to the internet.
  • Used for Linking Servers and PCs in numerous offices.
  • Meant for carrying phone calls.
  • Make the staff to connect their work with the PC at Home itself.

If we talk about the connection speed, it can vary from 64 kilobits per second up to 10 gigabits per second. The bandwidth speed totally depends on the quality of data used. Also, factors like number of users and number of applications also shows the effect on the connectivity.

You can easily rely on the services of leased line as the use of this line is totally reserved for you and no one can use it without the permission. Thus, it has become an ideal solution for running a business successfully.

What leased line can do?

By the definition, leased line is generally symmetric, that means it helps in uploading several the data at fast speed. Also, it has a remarkable used among the staff.

  • Can do work from home by easily connection with their personal PCs.
  • Easily send the larger files
  • Able to upload sizable files to the websites
  • Create a backup data while using online services.
  • Make use of VOIP telephony.

For running the business successfully, it needs constant internet connectivity for communication and transmission over internet.

Benefits of using Lease line

Leased Line Connection has variable advantages depending on the speed and other functions.

Quick Download Speed – This helps in increasing the working efficiency.

Good Internet Connectivity – You can experience carrier grade connectivity.

Easy Accessibility – It has the wide access that can easily reach the offices accross the country.

Greater Reliability – There is no problem while connecting, thus helps in doing work with high proficiency.

End to End Service – Without getting slowed down at peak level, the leased line offers trustworthy service.

In this competitive world, high speed internet at a reasonable cost is required for booming the business. A leased line is ideal for providing the best of both world and you can even work at non office hours with any fall back to do your work.

Being the oldest and most basic way of data transferring process, leased line is still popular among various enterprises as it is very trustworthy. Not only it provides traditional version, but also offers advanced way to enhance the business.

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