Skype Lite, the speediest and latest app to date for all your Google android users have been recently introduced this season. The recent times has observed another feature of the of the Skype Lite App being released by Microsoft. This feature referred to as the Text Insights is inlaid within and is aimed at helping users plan their text messages on smartphones.

This new feature is actually designed to help the users which permit the categorization of the written text messages like financing, shopping, travel, reminders, and campaigns. Further, in a press affirmation, the company explained that “The brand new feature can make the SMS package smarter on the smartphones with computerized communication sorting under different categories like Funding, Shopping, Travel, Reminder, and Marketing promotions, assisting users to take an action from within the app”.

Further, all categories will have ‘smart’ feature like a night out and position of the user’s order, traffic monitoring of plans with one touch and much more. The shopping category will also enlist Deals tabs where users are allowed to see the best bargains and discounts made by the app. The business added that the Text classification and categorization would be achieved locally on the telephone and the users’ Text message information wouldn’t normally be stored by the business.

How to utilize this SMS insight?

The steps are simple. First, it must down load the Skype Lite and obtain it installed on the smartphone from the Play Store.

The next step will involve the users acquiring the Text message in Chats tabs and with a go through the SMS, another tab would show the facts of the Text in conjunction with the smart functions.

By assimilation of most these information in a single place and offering the users such smart functions, Skype Lite needs to help make the Text experience more fruitful and interactive. They mainly to provide as the ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your communication needs, whether big or small.

Microsoft, in addition, has set out the Aadhaar integration feature with the Skype Lite App to be able to find the impersonation scams and invite only verified personal information callers online. According to Satya Nadella, this iPhone app is 13mb in proportions and will save more data. Also, it helps several Indian dialects including Bengali, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Lastly, in a recently available post, Microsoft regarded concerning this SMS understanding that “SMS Insights moves significantly beyond simply arranging your text messages: it aggregates the info you will need and presents it instantly, sorting it into categories like Fund, Shopping, Travel, Reminders, and Deals. It empowers one to easily work together with the communications you want, and will be offering relevant action web links that enable you to settle payments, check-in to plane tickets, and even call customer care numbers”.

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