Are you a creative person? If so then you must check out the all new Surface Studio that can let you enter a all new world of digital excellence which will impress you from all spheres. You can turn your desk into a studio because the device is especially designed for creative projects. The screen size is absolutely perfect for this, with a 28 inch adjustable Pixel Sense display and thus you can get a canvas huge enough for any kind of work. Lay it flat for using it as a drafting table or position it like a desktop for sketching, or painting or even edit your photos, and you can expect a great picture quality for your own work! The 10 bit color depth, with 13.5 million pixels can make your work look better and even smoother so that you can impress your colleagues to a great extent.

You can imagine that this device will come to you but with an incredibly huge price, which is justified by its features. It is powered by a generation 6th Intel Core i5 and 8GB RAM, with Windows 10 preinstalled for users. Further they can get 1tb storage in cloud so that they can store all their work for future references without the fear of losing them at any cost. The device is quite compatible with Surface Dial and Surface pen which means you can enhance your works as you use them all across your project. Plus you can also make video calls to your colleagues and talk to them as if you are facing them, so that work is never interrupted at any cost. Can you expect anything more than this?

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