Whether it is normal or tough work, most of the time, our works are related to the system we use and can only be done with this. These tasks could be numerous such as booking an item over the internet or a payment for some urgent work. We hardly pay attention that while doing these things on our computer; we give an invitation to the harmful activities such as online threats, viruses, Trojan and malicious activities. If we avoid these, so our system gets damaged in many ways like it runs slowly, its performance decreases and much more. Many of system users keep on suffering this problem in the use of their system as well as looking for the solution too. They always have the same question that what should the do to avoid the risks and what can help them? The answer to this question is way simple which is to install antivirus security software. Antivirus is the software that helps in preventing the system from the harms. In this segment, Kaspersky is the best antivirus that gives finest system protection.