Can anyone think about running a computer without using an internet connection? The answer to this question is obviously no, as it is not at all possible. It is actually very dangerous to operate a computer without antivirus protection especially when you are using internet. However, if you have upgraded your Windows operating system to Windows 10, you can face problem when you start to install the antivirus software.

Before you know about how to fix the problem if you are facing issue when installing the antivirus software, it is important to note that Windows 10 built in antivirus tools will not protect your computer from latest malware; so it is vital to get antivirus software installed:

  • Ensure that your system do not have antivirus software installed already. This is because, two antivirus programs cannot be installed in a PC and even if done then cannot perform well. So, it is always better to remove the one that is existing in your system, if you want to install a new one. It may happen that you are not sure about whether there is any antivirus programs installed. In such case, what you can do is go straight to Control Panel, Programs and features, and if you have any other antivirus installed, simply uninstall it and now install the antivirus that you want to.
  • Make sure that Windows Defender is turned off. The in-built security tool of Microsoft is Windows Defender. This protects Windows 10 if you do not have any other antivirus installed. It usually does not create any issues with the third-party antivirus, but at times certain features of the Windows Defender conflict with antivirus software that you want to install. So, it is better to get the Windows Defender deactivated, and then get the third-party antivirus installed. In order to do so, follow the below mentioned steps:
  • Find the Settings app, and then select Update and security
  • Now go to Windows Defender tab
  • Then Uncheck Real-time Protection

Once these steps are carried out, the Windows Defender is inactivated. You can now try to install your antivirus program once more.

  • Find out if the Antivirus software program that you want to install is compatible with Windows 10. You can check online the antivirus programs that are compatible, and if the antivirus that you want to install is not there, then consider getting a new one for your system.

These simple things would be able to solve your problem. But before doing all these steps, you should try to restart your PC because many times this simple step can help in resolving these big issues. Even when you call up the technicians at avg customer support number; they will be asking you to restart the system first. You can reach the customer care support team at any point of time since they operate 24*7 and the experts here are well-trained so they have the ability to fix any type of issues.