There are many forms of football betting but 1×2 is more interesting than others. It is also called three-way betting as the punters are provided three-outcomes of a game. But the payout isn’t similar on each outcome. The bookies could offer different rewards on different bets. In 1×2, you mix three bets into one.

1×2 betting simplified

There are three pointers “1”, “X”, “2”. Here “1” stands for home win; “X” stands for draw and “2” stands for away win. The bet is implied where a team plays on his home-ground. You have to make a choice or you can bet on all the three outcomes. The payout could be like 2.55 for home win; 3.30 for draw and 2.85 for away win. If you go by the payout, you will find that draw has maximum reward but you should bet on draw only when you are certain of draw.

Where three-way betting is used?


Today bookmakers apply 1×2 bets everywhere possible. Wherever they find possibility of a draw, they apply the three-way formula of making money. This betting type is popular in Europe where the bettors have been fed three-way bets for years and years. It is beneficial for punters but it is more beneficial for bookies as they get more opportunities to squeeze some more dollars from bettors.

How to break 1×2 bets?

Soccerodds 1X2 are quite difficult to break as it has three outcomes for a match. While some bettors consider the reward as a factor to choose a bet, there are others that rely more on informed betting. They collect all the factors that can in anyway affect the outcome and then they make calculations to find a possible outcome. You can also rely on tips by experienced tipsters.

Buying tips is a great idea

Football betting is all about finding reliable bookies and tipsters. Soccer betting has become a market that spreads across the globe. Football fans from Asia, Europe and America and even from Australia and New Zealand wager on football tournaments. Every year, billions of dollars are pumped into soccer betting industry and the money comes from different countries.

Betting industry is fast becoming an organized sport but tipster service remains out of purview of betting industry. Bookies don’t ask bettor to buy tips. It is bettors that decide to buy tips. When you are looking for a tipster, you need to be extra cautious as he is considered an outsider in the betting industry.