Investment and wealth managers agree that traditional aggressive growth investment strategies no longer work. Markets have become more volatile and thus, newer and more long-term investment strategies are better for retirement income investments.


“The next big thing” hurting investment profits


Today, opportunities are being excitingly pitched day in day out. Investors are being kept in a constant state of hope for high returns from high-risk endeavours. But the results are speaking for themselves – wealth is losing more money than it is creating. This begs for an answer to the fundamental question of how investment profits are made.


According to Minesh Bhindi, a Wealth Manager and founder of Gold And Silver For Life LLC, over 90% of investment profits are generated by putting money in the right asset classes. This explains why using traditional investment strategies such as chasing particular investments or market timing for retirement income investments is far from a wise investment decision.


Rethinking your investment strategy?


A currency collapse could be just around the corner. Investors focusing on the long term need to learn how to collapse-proof their retirement income investments with a gold and silver investment strategy. And with the historically low price of Gold and Silver, there could never be a better time to learn about Gold and Silver investing.  Minesh Bhindi is offering an advanced Gold and Silver Investing webinar for investors who would wish to cash-flow their investments at 12% to 26.4% annually and grow wealth to 1,358% and over in 10 years. It will also teach on 2 of the best strategies used by hedge funds  to protect wealth and cash-flow monthly from precious metals.


Minesh Bhindi’s gold and silver investment strategy is unique and result driven. He uses this unique strategy when generating wealth and incredible ROI, which is based on three basic principles known as the Wealth Triangle Philosophy:


— Earn with your assets during ownership

— Buy below market value

— Use the cash-flow to buy more of the asset


In a nutshell, the training by Minesh Bhindi is based around buying gold & silver as an investment and generating cash flow in the process. Returns as high as 26.4% have been possible with his investment strategy. The idea behind the strategy is to diversify your portfolio and start to:


— Buy Gold & Silver and generate cash flow

— Generate a passive income of 12% to 26,4%

— How to do all of the above from anywhere in the world


The core principles in Minesh Bhindis training ( is structured in a way that it allows you to grow wealth, protect it, and reinvest it on a monthly basis and profit from the looming market collapse. His strategy is not based on profiting from selling and buying and chasing margins in a traditional way unlike that of other ‘popular’ investors.


It might sound a bit simplistic, but to explain this, it is best to get on board with the free training webinar that Minesh himself holds. In the webinar, he will break down his strategy and provide answers to any question you may have. You can choose from three different dates whichever one best suits you. Reserve your seat by registering here

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