The former Indian cricket team director and Indian Captain  Ravi Shastri has walked out from his designation as Representative Media in prestigious cricket committee of ICC On friday, 1st July

Ravi Shastri’s words to the Press Trust of India were “I have already submitted my resignation. There are personal commitments and I have been there for six years.”

Ravi Shastri

Inspite of the fact that Shastri gave the reason for his personal commitment, there has been a lot of conjecture that his decision has been influenced by the BCCI Cricket Advisory Committee’s verdict to adopt Anil Kumble over him for the post of Indian cricket team coach

Shastri criticised that one of the Cricket Advisory Committee’s member, Sourav Ganguly was not present, during his skype round of interview for Indian cricket team coach and he accussed this by saying that “it was disrespectful”

Ganguly’s comments to this was “If Ravi was so serious about the job, he should have been for interview in Kolkata  rather than appearing through skype and holidaying in Bangkok”

But according to various reports Shastri;s resignation has no link with Kumble being appointed as Coach. Shastri has discussed this matter of resignation previously with Shashank Manohar, ICC Chairman

Shastri wanted to take a load off from his administrative positions in ICC, where he was there for a long time of six years.

Shastri also had his commitments to media as a Columnist, Commentator and an expert in cricket.

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