There are many kinds of cysts that can be generated due to Polycystic Ovary Disease which is also called as PCOD. The time which is taken by this abnormal disease is not less but it happes during the time of spread of ovaries which is dangerous for women. The Cysts, what is mentioned earlier, is the main cause to prevent the function of ovaries which should be cycled according to time.

The cysts is the main cause at this time for the distractions of hormonal and ovaries on wrong timing. This is a serious issue in the women life as everybody has a wish to have child, but due to PCOD problems it breaks many times. The fertility treatment is just like miracle for those who are suffering from PCOD. The fertility solution works amazingly to have pregnancy at the right time.

What are Cysts?

Cysts can be understood as substances which are stuffed in the shape of fluid or sacs. There are mainly two types of cysts but generally they are not the cause of cancerous problem. The first type of the cysts is functional and the other is non-functional cysts.

Polycystic Ovaries

This highly dangerous cysts, as the name indicates, poly means many. So, the cysts are present in much quantity that’s why they have a certain effect on function of Ovaries which can be the cause of no pregnancy at the right time.

One of the major problems is that these cysts are responsible in the construction of the estrogen at the place of androgen. This is very dangerous because the women don’t have much estrogen in their body and if it gets developed more than standard, it could be the cause of a serious disease.

The one of the major fears which develop by the estrogen is that it is responsible to generate the hairs at several body parts.

The main causes of PCOD

This is the main problem that at this time modern science doesn’t know more knowledgable thingsabout the causes of PCOD but it is cleared by many scientists that this is really dangerous for the women and the daughter which is bornfrom that women who is suffering from the PCOD.

Androgen is a male harmone which is created in a women’ body in a high amount that is the only cause of the unwanted hair’ generation.

Symptoms of PCOD

There are many symptoms of a woman who is suffering from the PCOD. The best way to recognize these symptoms which are mentioned in next two lines should be in the mind of each and every woman. They should not take much more time to consult the doctors if they  are finding these symptoms in them.

Acne is the first symptom but it can happen for normal reasons too. Weight gain, mood swings, irregular periods and infertility are the other main symptoms of PCOD.

So, never think too much if a woman is finding all thesesymptoms in them and should immediately consult a doctor.

Treatment of PCOD

It is not very difficult to get rid of from the problem of PCOD and get pregnant. Seeking a medical aid can help the women.

The ultimate aim of doctors is to reduce the male hormonal effects which are generated by androgen, regulate the insulin levels again and balancing the hormonal effects.

PCOD can be treated with medical treatment and by maintaining healthy weight of the body. IVF is also one famous treatment, which can be undertaken by a PCOD women to get pregnant.

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