Republic Day on January 26, the night is going to be a rare combination. Seven planets in our solar system are going to give a night vision.


Seven planets in our solar system are going to give a night vision. Venus in the evening sky after sunset before dawn Udayman then Guru and Saturn is proving to be a unique hue. This rare combination is going to be the night of January 26, Republic Day.

Arybhatt observation Research Institute senior astronomer Dr Aries. Shashi Pandey said that once a year the chance to see all the planets in the night is made. Sun is the head of our solar system. The planet’s orbit in its class. Often someone comes behind the sun planet. Because not all of which can be seen at night. This time it has become a chance in the second half of January.

On the night of January 26, they can be seen well. Venus the goddess of love called these planets, Thu, Sat and Tue Corey’s eyes can be seen. Mercury can also be seen, but it is a bit difficult due to too close to the sun. Neptune and Uranus will be visible through binoculars. Dngh Nihara from small telescopes can be better than all the planets. Mercury near the sun at sunrise and sunset can be seen. Also evening after sunset, Venus can be seen easily.

In addition to the red planet Neptune and Uranus seen Tue said. So on one side we will see a few hours before sunrise giant planets Jupiter, Saturn will appear scatters its brightness. This rare combination is considered critical for scientists Abrxaveshn.

Astronomy lovers will witness the rare views

This rare sight to witness the love of astronomy lovers who are going to be deposited on January 26 in Mukteshwar. Many astronomers, including a photographer and several other people from different areas will include. Event organizer, said Ajay Talwar of Haryana Gurugram name of the program is the solar system marathon.

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