Today, webcast streaming services are the prime option for any business, conference, any organisation or event to consider. The world is steadily recognising the valuable potential and exciting opportunities that come along with webcasting. Which is why we find someone hunting for the perfect webcast streaming services and webinar companies online. Yet, people are still not fully aware of the webcasting solutions and services.
What is a Webinar?
Webinars are the live or pre-recorded online events, used to teach attendees about a specific topic or service. In simple words, it is any seminar that is conducted over the internet. This key inbound marketing technique particularly caters for business-to-business companies and is also marked as the favourite tactic of many B2B marketers. The intention behind holding such events is to allow the marketers to engage with potentials and receive real-time feedback. It extensively supports the companies in understanding the different ways of audience engagement across the B2B marketing and sales funnel. It includes attracting new prospects to interact with your brand through upbringing outlooks, product demonstrations and keeping customers updated about the latest happenings or changes. 
Why do people organise webinars?
There can be many reasons for someone to hunt for webcasting services or would organise a webinar. Many goods and service providers use webinar as a part of the content marketing programs. Webinars provide the companies with a better-optimized option to tackle with their key audiences and generate high-quality leads for the business providers.
As a plus point, the proper usage and execution of webinars can result in molding the revenue drivers as per your gains. On a wider horizon, along with educating the existing customers, it also helps in building a strong position on the market. It gives the companies a valid chance to use their capability and convert new contacts into actual customers.
Webinar v/s Traditional presentation | Which is the right choice to organize a webinar? To settle this tug-of-war, why not just count down things that are covered by each of it.
Traditional presentation approach:
Every traditional presentation is limited to two key objectives; Company Profile and Offerings.
Webinar presentation approach:
At the webinars, a chain of things gets covered that includes; along with the standard about the company and what we offer the audiences also get main benefits, additional information on happenings, Q&A about after every main information delivery. Plus, the increasing numbers of respondents say much more than this.
So now that all about webinar services and its efficiency is clear, why wait to start one? But, before you get started with the arrangements hold up as there are a couple of key pointers which you need to consider. It can be tough to decide where to start from if you have never hosted or participated in organizing a webinar. So, to guide you through the process of a webinar, we’ve compiled a list of the most important webinar statistics to know. These webinar statistics navigate through the knickknacks that you need to worry about while hosting a webinar that has the potential of attracting maximum attendees and makes them glad they viewed your presentation. Scroll ahead to go through the list of webcasting solutions and better engagement tactics;
Average attendance levelsSo, before jumping in, it is crucial to see whether your company profile caters to the webinar audiences. Our research shows that the highest participation for webinars is anticipated from the Pharmaceutical industry, while the lowest is from the advertising industry. The various webinar software around the net claim that an average attendance rate of around 30%.
Finding the right amount of potential registrants:
While brand creation you have already know your target audience but here we are talking about identifying those potentials who will not only register to your webinar but also visit it. However, the numbers might differ from the average registrant-to-attendee ratio as the majority of marketing webinars (expecting 66%) have fewer than 50 attendees. Little can be done to influence attendance as the average attendance ratio of anylive streaming webinar isn’t as high as one expects after looking at the respondent’s list. Also, 84% of B2B customers opt to watch replays over live webinars. This is why its obligatory for the hosts to keep track of views and leads generated by recordings of past webinars. And if this your first time streaming webinars, you get the chance to track the average attendance rate that you can expect. Give the webinar replays equal importance and don’t hesitate in promoting them if they end up being more effective than your live event.
Best day time for pre-webinar promotions
Tuesday is considered as the prime day in the week for webinar promotions as maximum registrations are done on this day. That too in the early hours as people are more likely to register before they start their day. The first promotional email should blast on a Tuesday morning as well. So, its apt for webinar hosts to plan the whole pre-webinar promotion keeping this period and day in mind.
Make Registration process rewarding:
The host gets bonus points if the registration process is simple and topic engaging as these are primary reasons that drive your webinar towards success. The number of registrants also indicates how successful your promotional efforts were in leading the respondent towards the actual webinar. 
Best day in the week to host the webinar:
The most webinars are held on workdays and during work hours since the market for webcasting/webinars streaming is largely structured within corporations and businesses. This is why, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have proven to be the best days for a webinar. The audience seems to be accustomed to the midweek rhythm and they mostly find it easier to connect on these days especially Tuesday and Thursday which are popular holding days amongst B2B professionals. Do keep in mind that weekends are the least popular days if your planning to hold your webinar on that day.
Average length/ duration of a webinar:
The standard length of the followed by the webinar hosts is targeting the 45 minutes or max. 1 hour. However, the average time spent on the webinars is not more than 30 minute-long. The reason to why shorter webinars are better than the lengthy ones.
Although the longer webinars are considered as more valuable at the same time the audience will expect more informative and insightful knowledge imparted at such sessions. And, if you fail to provide that in-depth knowledge it will risk your image and wastes valuable time. On the contrary, the crisp and interesting webinar sessions do wonder to your flow. It also gives you well distributed time with the individuals for polls, Q&As, live surveys and more. So, to ensure the maximum engagement possible from your audience throughout the session, the ideal duration for your vertical has to be up to 30 – 45 minutes. 
Make your webinar interesting and engaging at the same time:
During some of the surveys conducted after the webinars, a fine amount of respondents mentioned that they enjoy the interactions between speakers and attendees. And the best way to interact with your attendees is Q&As. The most engaged webinars succeed due to the enthusiastic and energetic approach host. Make sure your webinars are hosted by a passionate speaker who can pour excitement in his words throughout your webinars. But that doesn’t mean that one spends the majority of the webinar talking to the audiences as your goal is to deliver company information. This indicates that you need to make your presentation more appealing, so cramp it with sufficient information about your services and relevant headlines that highlights the key content.
Counting the risks:
If your not sure if your area of business is suitable for a webinar, see if you’re searching for the answers in the right place. It’s essential that you have some insights on what your getting into and understand what all is at stake before you volunteer for this roller-coaster. Check our other blogs if any of your doubts are yet to be cleared or are looking out for the best webcasting service providers.