Nowadays, marketers implement multiple marketing tools and tricks to boost the sales and promotion of the brands. It’s crucial to utilise a compatible and appropriate marketing mix to leverage the benefits. Your business is not adequately equipped until you are armed with these tricks. Webinars are trending in all the markets nowadays. It’s high time you need to explore and execute innovative marketing steps through live webcasting services. Webinars are regarded as the most efficient strategy while you’re taking into account B2B content marketing. Conversion of potential clients into buyers is indeed possible with webcasting. Here are few webcasting misconceptions which I have revealed to help you out if you are thinking to opt for webinars as a new marketing tool: 
> Myth #1- Webcasts are critical to set up- This was the fact existed around a decade ago. IT person from webcast provider’s end was required to set up the infrastructure which was supposed to have adequate knowledge of HTML and all. However, with the emergence of software as a service (SaaS), now you get more user-friendly interfaces and devices to start with webinar services you have opted for. UX and UI are those significant aspects of the webinar platforms in which organisations are investing considerably. It is because they have rightly understood the importance of having easy to use and convenient webinar services. 
> Myth #2- Webcasts are costly- With a growing number of webcast service providers in the marketing industry; you have a wide range of budget choices when it comes to webcasting. First of all, chalk out the plan for your webcast and target audience. Then if possible, analyse and evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI) you are likely to get through this webcast. Accordingly, you can go ahead with a particular budget. A systematic and well-calculated plan will help you select a customised webcasting plan to suit your budget. An excellent webinar platform indeed adds value to your business in an economical way. It efficiently integrates all your marketing efforts through cost-effective services. 
> Myth #3- Webcasts are lengthy- You must have known the fact; if you represent something informative or promotional content to people more than around 60 minutes; people start losing their focus in what you are speaking. The quality of content has to be excellent. Then, how much time you spend on the stage doesn’t matter. The ideal webinar format allows 20 minutes to every type of content if multiple speakers are going to address the people. With audiovisual slides or illustrations; you can always keep webcasting sessions exciting and engaging. Instead of just reading lengthy Case studies or Whitepapers, use a story-telling format that would retain the interest of your audience. 
> Myth #4- Webcasts don’t generate leads- Webcast streaming has to be implemented with a systematic approach to get the desired results. Right from its promotions for evaluation, you have to be innovative. Finalize a promotional cycle for your event which includes emailers, invitations, reminders etc. Your registration process has to be simple which will help you get a maximum number of attendees for your webinar. Later, when you share your webinar link to social media platforms like YouTube, you get the outside followers who eventually become your potential buyers. Webcasts generate highly qualified leads as they have exciting presentation formats which keep the audience associated and engaged. 
> Myth #5- Webcasts don’t match the marketing strategy– This misconception exists because people are not aware regarding the limitless capabilities live webcasting possesses to boost your business. An upgraded webcasting technology will naturally and smoothly integrate with your marketing plan. When you are selecting various pieces of contents to create your unique concept, planning a webinar is the best possible tool to address the masses. When you sync your webcasting plan with your marketing strategy, lead generation and lead qualification take place most effectively. Hence, webcasts can help your marketing strategy in a great way to amplify sales and marketing of your organisation like never before. 
I’m quite confident that now you must have understood the fundamental benefits of implementing webcasts to promote your business. Industry experts, webcasting companies and marketers need to leverage these benefits correctly. Taking into consideration its capacity of reach and impact, you can indeed achieve desirable results through webcasting solutions.