Today’s world has got completely digitized in almost all domains. Especially, when it comes to communication, the transformation is just spellbinding. Tools and technology facilitating mass communication have undergone rapid development like never before. A webinar or webcast in one among such technologies or mode of interaction that has offered the ultimate opportunity for the corporate world to carry out their essentials. I’m sure you know what webinar means. Simply speaking it’s online seminar or conference that takes place over the internet and people sitting in any corner of the globe can participate in it. When this seminar is broadcasted live or on demand, the procedure is called as a webcast. 

Among different types of webinars, those webcasts get massive hits that are informative, entertaining and most simplified. The message you communicate through such webcasts hit the bull’s eye! You must be interested in knowing the tricks to do so. Let me offer you some top-notch tips that will serve your purpose:

● Topic has to be killer- Yes! It’s that required! Remember, if your subject is outdated and dull, an audience will throw it in a bean! Whatever your field be, make sure that you pick up the most trending hot topic. After selecting an item, you need to create a landing page for the same. Conduct a brief SEO study to find out keywords, that will hit the target audience. The title of the webcast has to be catchy yet simple. 

● Define Registration Goal- Well-strategized goal helps you to attract the potential attendees through registration. You should keep in mind the ballpark figure for possible participants and accordingly set or modify your objective to aware them about the webcast you’re presenting. Try sending as much as possible registrations in interesting ways to avoid monotony.  

● Let your event be memorable- Puzzled? It’s simple! Figure out the things through which people would get fascinated about the event. If they enjoy the event, they will surely share their experience with colleagues and friends. Offer them special giveaways such as event tickets, zero cost marketing evaluations, ad coupons for LinkedIn and Facebook and so on. Some innovative competitions or campaigns where people participation takes place too can prove to be a crowd puller for your event.  

● Time & Date has to be right- Timing is extremely crucial when you are webcasting your event. Know the significant chunk of a target audience in a specified region or continent. The event has to be webcast taking into account the convenience of the public viewing the event. If the date and timing are odd, your event will be missed out.  

● Landing page is a must- an original landing page providing the gist of the event hits the first set of potential audience. Your landing page must be precise and catchy containing the essence of the event and has to answer all highlighting factors such as What, who, when, why and where. Crisp copies and beautiful images on the page help the audience to understand the event in brief. 

● Use social media- Social media is an amazing way to engage a larger section of audience mingling your email audience along with social networking users. Social media websites are instant ways through which you can keep your audience posted with updates regarding your events. Special event pages or accounts linked with the users can continuously engage them with proper hashtags and images/ posts/tweets. Make a viral promotion of your webcast using social media wisely.   

● Write Blogs- Posts few inspiring blogs about the event that is going to be webcast. You can cover the topics and points going to be involved in the event. Give some catchy title to the blog and keep the content most precise. You can offer a hint to the audience regarding the subject and leave the major part of live watch sustaining the suspense. You can link these blogs to social media websites and mass mailing systems.