We’ve got all heard of all the negative publicity that motels are receiving lately. Apart from complaints about them getting unclean, often smelly, and typically pest-ridden, the safety of guests has constantly been a lead to for concern. With some motel rooms getting turned into meth labs and the very publicized incidents of break-ins, burglaries, and also other criminal activities in motel rooms in many parts with the country, travelers are usually apprehensive once they face the prospect of checking in at a motel. Get more details about tell city hotels near tell city hospital

Nevertheless, these incidents, when correct, don’t reflect the general condition of staying inside a motel. Spawned largely by Hollywood suspense thrillers and horror movies, these urban legends are mostly that – urban legends – and do not seriously outweigh the advantages of staying within a motel. Below are some of the advantages of picking out a motel more than any other accommodation whilst you happen to be on a vacation:

Motel room rates are generally less expensive in comparison with the rates of hotel room accommodations. In case you are a price range traveler and all you will need a lodging for is really a spot to sleep, then motels will be the great areas for you. You get to stretch your dollar for other worthwhile activities while on holiday.

Motels are smaller sized and much more comfortable establishments. With lesser rooms in comparison with hotels, they’re commonly additional quiet places to stay in. And because the guests are fewer, the staff can give much more personalized service to each guest.

A motel is typically extremely accessible compared to hotels exactly where you need to enter a lobby, walk endless corridors, and ride in an elevator prior to you could finally get for your space. Some motel rooms even open to your personal garage, enabling you to access your automobile easily and appear out for it out of your bedroom window.

Although you are able to locate no pricey shampoos and other “ritzy” stuff, most motels do have a coffee and tea maker in addition to a refrigerator, which it is possible to use for the duration of your stay. This allows you to save on meals costs whilst on getaway.

Whilst not every single motel makes it possible for pets within the residence, most do. This permits you to bring your pet-friend with you for the duration of your holiday.

With all these added benefits, there is certainly no explanation why you’ll want to think twice about staying inside a motel though on a vacation. Provided that you practice caution and you choose the proper motel, you could love all the above described positive aspects without having all of the disadvantages.