No matter whether you’re just a beginner or an expert broadcaster in the industry when it comes to tricks to improve the live streaming of your events. You might find a handful of expert advice or technical consultants coaching you to bring betterment in live streaming. However, simplicity is something we all strive for. Here, I’m listing down few straightforward tips that surely would serve your purpose. 

Today, technology is changing at every another day and hence fine-tuning your dexterity is always beneficial. I’m focusing this write-up on both technical and generic aspects of live video streaming to take your skills to the next level. Though live streaming consists of receiving and transmission of audiovisuals, the story doesn’t end here! Viewers love to watch live HD videos that stream smoothly, without any interruption. Hence, it becomes crucial for a webcaster to employ the most upgraded technology and services to hit the bull’s eye. No matter why you are seeking this for. Be its seminar, an event, promotion, ceremony, conference or whatever. Norms to be followed to attain desirable streaming are the same for each one of them. I’m keen to offer you the following guidelines:

> Check for your Ethernet connection– This is perhaps the most fundamental step in organizing live streaming. The standard and results of streaming solely depend on the quality of internet connection you have. I would anytime suggest changing use wired LAN instead of Wi-Fi to get a consistent and high-speed connection. That will eventually develop the quality and reliability of the live stream. Technically speaking, wired LAN provides more functional bandwidth between you and the router and therefore the wired connection is robust when it comes to delivering smoother streaming.  

>  Communicate with audience– Communication being one of the most essentials of attaining greater viewership. As your event will be going to offer lots of things to viewers, many of them would be interested in replying. Increased interaction wherein viewers can comment, opine or express their views often promotes a healthy environment for audience engagement. Providing live chat window next to your broadcast is the best idea to organize Q & A forum at the end of streaming. In this way, you will understand viewers’ expectations. 

> Be nearby to Wi-Fi signal– If it isn’t possible for you to use Ethernet connection, then the only option you have is to be near to Wi-Fi signal as possible as you can. It sounds quite apparent. However, most of the people ignore this fact. Broadcasting in the proximity of Wi-Fi connection enhance the speed of streaming and hence viewers can enjoy undisturbed videos. Keeping yourself closer to the router is also advantageous as a router can quickly connect and you can stream the videos easily.

> Back-up is a master-key– Backing up of your important files and documents is something you can never afford to overlook. Here, by backing up your streaming, you get an opportunity to generate Videos on Demand (VOD). These videos can letter be played by the viewers as per their choice.  It is an awesome way to create and strengthen audience engagement to the videos. VODs are quite convenient for viewers as even if some of the public miss the live broadcast, they can watch it later. You may think, that’s all! Well, not actually. I must say, back-up is certainly a bit broader term. Backing-up devices such as tripods, cameras, microphones or headphones too are too important during live streaming. It avoids last minute hassles, and the show goes on well! 

> Always be systematic– To make your live streaming enjoyable and convenient, it is another helping hand. Broadcast machinery setup often consists of lots of cables, recorders, and cameras. Excessive equipment or wires entangling here and there cause lots of problems in the process that ultimately hinders broadcast. Hence, it is better to keep everything sorted and organized. Preparing a schedule or creating a list of essentials as per the procedure is the best way to manage live streaming. 

> Test before it goes On Air– Making live streaming of the event without conducting tests is like scuba diving without wearing oxygen cylinder. It is preferable to carry out a streaming test at the venue where the event is taking place. Here you can check the status of sounds, video, and an encoder to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Similarly, devices such as cameras and microphones should be inspected carefully. Checking and monitoring everything before live streaming helps you a lot in successful streaming.

> Use Content Delivery Network (CDN) Provider– Utilizing CDN helps you a lot in developing the reach of your streaming. Using wide-ranging platforms offered by CDNs, you get an opportunity to reach a maximum number of viewers around the world living at different locations and belonging to different fields. It prevents the servers from being overloaded with numerous audiences and provides trustworthy streaming. 

I’m sure executing all these steps would certainly help you in making accomplished live streaming of videos. Wish you a Happy Streaming! All the best!