Syrian civil war that is going on in an unpredictable manner since 2000.The Syrian were ruled by the Bashar al-Assad after when his father dead 30years in charge. In March 2011 anti-regime had been started then it slowly-slowly transformed into the civil war. The approximate idea has been estimated that till date 220,000 people die I this war and it is still going on in a very drastic manner. The condition of people is so worst that we people can’t estimate or judge their conditions, that how much critical situation of these people, how they are surviving over the landmark.


The president of the US has given the permissions to do the missile attack, it lies in the middle east. This fight is going on in between the soldiers that are backing up or supporting the president i.e. Bashar al-Assad. This is started from the incident that 15 school going children were arrested just because they gave the antigovernment canvas on the wall. Firstly the protest was started in a very calm manner, that leads by democratic and the people how shows the concern & standing in the support of children to get rid of the lockup.

But with the passage of time, it abruptly changes and transforms into the angrily, destructed war form. The reason behind is the government instead of taking the step in a controlled manner on March 18, 2011. The government act so violently that it ordered to fire the supporters in this four people are killed. This news just widespread all over the country within a short span of time, because a government has done injustice with the people. This was opposed all over the country, and demanding for the change of president, but some people are in favor of the president that leads to the conflict in the country. Instead of solving the matter in a wise manner and the effective steps should be taken, but the whole criteria is changed and swirled around the politically minded people that insist the country go in black whole, where there is no bright future.


The International Red cross had announced in July 2012 that violence in Syria was raised to a large extent. The fighters that oppose or supporting are not different people the same people with different mentality are opposing each other making different groups one is with the support of president “Assad” and other aginst, the president instead of solving become the reason for fighting. From this, we better estimate that who ruled over the country, not a good person then how we think about the better future of the country.

In Syrian the arms depot run by the Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement to support the common people. The prime minister has wordings that when we found the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah, we will act. The US president officially announced for the missile attack .The day by day new tact are opting to increase the headque and burden upon the people. The recent attacks were held on 23 april2017. To get the latest,n ew interesting news just follow us.