I’m sure you are well-aware about live streaming of events on different popular social media platforms. These platforms not only make them viral but also prove to be useful for the viewers to watch them as per their convenience. Here, I’m going to speak about live streaming of videos on mobile devices that has taken streaming to the advanced level like never before. Smartphones have become an inseparable aspect of human lives and hence we prefer to use our phones frequently instead of switching on our laptops or desktops. These videos become omnipresent with the help of mobile devices that you can access at any time. Social media platforms have rightly grabbed an opportunity to host these videos for easiest and quickest access to the viewers.

To stream videos from internet to mobile devices for the viewers to, you need to finalize the path for outward content. To ensure high quality and smooth streaming of videos, I would suggest you to take into account following factors:
> Content- Content is king! Here, I’m speaking about the content that is streamed in audiovisual format. The event must go on without losing the core topic. Crisp and precise oration is important to achieve maximum audience engagement. It consists of selecting a catchy title, using simple yet effective language, a motivating audience with unique insights, selecting right format or structure of speaking and lot more. Nowadays, users have numerous options to view thousands of events that are streaming live. Hence, to stand out your live streaming, you should ensure that your event is content-rich with a defined target audience. 

> Bandwidth- You might be using Wi-Fi or mobile data to watch live streaming of videos and certainly expecting smooth streaming from server to your mobile device. While streaming, the server converts various lower quality level videos in different formats so that everybody can get best results depending upon their network status and device quality. When it comes to broadcast an event, it is better to check it before live streaming for bandwidth speed to ensure the best quality transmission.

> Lighting Conditions– When the event is being recorded for live streaming, you cannot afford to neglect lighting conditions. Viewers won’t like to watch your event if the principal object i.e. speaker isn’t exposed to sufficient light. Particularly in a case of indoor events, professional lighting services have to be implemented to get best possible results. Affordable and bright LED light prove to be useful in such situations. 

> Video Recording– Have you ever imagined watching a live video where the entire frame is shaking continuously losing its angle? I’m sure you would quickly switch over to some another interesting stuff instead of paying attention to such an unprofessional matter. Therefore, you must opt for a tripod on which you can affix your video recording cameras or mobile devices to get a steady and firm capture. Using a tripod, you can adjust camera movements such as panning, zooming, sliding and so on. Even most of the advanced camcorders nowadays have inbuilt vibration-reduction features that help you get qualitative results.

> Audio– Crystal clear voice leaves a superb impact on the audience watching the live event on the internet. Make sure that sound receiving and transmitting devices such as microphones and speakers are working well before you start the event. High-quality sound systems are readily available nowadays that you can use it when your event is on-air. 

> Interaction with viewers- At the end of the event, hosting Q & A session is like a cherry on top of it! Offering such communication online makes it incredibly easier and enjoyable for remote viewers as well as audience present at the event site. Acknowledging viewer by announcing his name while responding to the query leaves an audience with pride, and he/she gets more connected to the event. You can select a particular field for questions while planning for such sessions to get most relevant and precise questions.

Equipping yourself with all the above factors, you are now well-prepared for making mobile live streaming of your event. Remember, mobile technology has gifted an exclusive opportunity for you to connect efficiently and quickly with your audiences. Implementation of faew techniques and methodologies is the key to success! Cheers!