Using the immense potential of the social media is extremely crucial to promote a live streaming of the event. Promoting live streaming of your event through social media not only increases viewership but also makes you professional as a social media marketer in the industry. Social media has all the potential and abilities to transform the live streaming of your event into an unbelievably impressive success. It makes the event viral and helps to reach your customers in the most efficient manner. 

Social media marketing strategies are just like saviors for event organizers or planners as it becomes quite convenient for them to gather and invite participants, boost audience engagement, induce excitement and maintain the kick off that event even after it gets finished. However, it’s not a rocket science to engage social media in promoting a live streaming. Have a look at few interesting tactics that I do implement every time:

Engagement is fundamental– Pre-event digital promotion is extremely crucial to get more audience. Using social media platforms is the key to success! Monitoring viewers excitement, observing their viewpoints and interacting with them to encourage them to attend the event are crucial activities. All you can achieve them with the social media. Various techniques are quite handy to create engagement. Crowd Campaign could be one of them wherein participants can advise content, and other people can opine on the same. Sharing feedbacks on a larger scale helps you to plan your live streaming in a better way.  

Create fascination– Many professionals prefer to create their official website for particular events they are planning to hold. However, social media platforms are even more useful and affordable tool on which you can just create event pages to create hype. Posting updates in the form of one-liners, engaging content accompanied by visuals is something that helps a lot. Through Facebook events or Google Calendars, you can set reminders and notifications for people to ping them from time to time. Also, using Google campaigns you can quickly examine the responses that eventually generates an opportunity to increase the crowd interested in participating in the proposed event.

Revitalize your audience– Is your event-day coming closer? Then you have to switch gears to pick up the speed! Probably, you can start Twitter or Facebook contest by gifting free of cost registration to the event for lucky winners. Similarly, you can go for ideas like teaser videos or Tumblr blogs for an audience to create innovative work to promote the events. You can redirect selected work to your official event page by offering credits or courtesies to the creators. Remember, social media is the most lively medium that needs creativity every other minute to sustain peoples’ interest in whatever activities you are posting online. 

Integration is necessary– When it comes to the on-site experience of impacting your audience, social media is the key player in the whole game! Gathering audience at posts or updates surfing on different social media platforms is vital. Putting correct hashtags to your posts helps you connect with similar content and makes your post viral than ever before. For example, if you have written something like a tweet, you can put a similar post on Facebook though with a little difference using appropriate hashtags. It will increase audience engagement. If you are planning an event, make sure that you are putting proper hashtags so that you can spread the message across the participants and audience.     

Powerful Propagation– While the event is going on, it is important to make sure that it is streaming live on all the main social media platforms you have selected. You can also encourage participants to take live photos during the event and upload best shots on websites like Flicker. Holding live contests and awarding members is one among the best ideas to promote audience engagement. Social media has that strength to incorporate participants, sponsors, guest speakers on larger platforms. 

Data Collection– Whatever data you have, be sure that it is preserved together systematically. Spreading your events across the globe through social media, you can instantly check insights of the viewers. Conference presentations or event sessions should be interlinked everywhere across all social media platforms to make them viral and trending consistently. Though live events will have limited shelf-life, you can create post-event interaction among the audience that will keep your events alive for a longer duration.