It’s a proven fact that live streaming or webcasts help the organizations with boosted brand building and awareness among the customers. Marketing managers of all such organizations always have streaming strategies and ideas on their brains. It’s because if your live streaming goes unattended or if you are struggling to get the viewers; it becomes a havoc for the organization. Though there are multiple ways to attract and sustain the audience for a live streaming that you are hosting; the most important factor is the consistency. Be it a product or a service; you should always opt for periodic live streaming as it has the immense potential to boost your TA (Target Audience) engagement. Remember few key points:  

Consistency is the key- If your objective is to grow your fan base, i.e. target audience, you have to increase your online presence. Initially, you should plan for a complete scheduling of your streaming event. You can pick up a particular day for streaming your event and should stick to that for upcoming periodic shows. Make sure you don’t change your schedule as it has to remain constant. Routine streaming is always preferred by the organizations as it keeps the audience connected with the product or service of the company. Regular streaming keeps your organization’s brand updated and fresh in viewers’ minds. Continuous participation in the social events continues the brand remembered by the viewers forever. The another trick is to promote your proceeding live streaming show in the event which is already going on. You can offer a hint to the audience by announcing a theme of the event by sustaining their excitement alive.   

> Social Media Platforms- Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus are perhaps the most practical tools to encourage the continuous audience engagement through the periodic live streaming shows. You can strategically gather, motivate and maintain the Live viewership videos streaming through these platforms have always been popular online entertainment for the users using smart devices. Online video streaming is growing at a tremendous speed and statistics have been evident. Social media platforms like YouTube gives the users to share live video with ‘Stream Now’ option. It automatically identifies the frame rate and screen resolution. The host can converse with the audience in real time via live chat. Social media platforms ideally offer excellent control to the hosts to monitor the broadcast concerning comments, reaction, shares. Likes and so on. They can also generate several events and live stream them simultaneously. These periodic live streaming shows broadcasted on social platforms make the brand viral within a fraction of seconds. It can be instantly spread across the world to inform and motivate the viewers to turn them into potential buyers of the products or services. 
> Creative Marketing- Periodic live streaming has an enormous potential to reach the larger amount of the audience. Since it comes periodically, the audience gets used to with the tendency of waiting for the next one. Audiences can also relate the ongoing event with the previous one, and therefore a specific brand which is marketed through the event remains in the discussion among the viewers for a longer period. With periodic live streaming, the dedicated users get an opportunity to exchange knowledge and information among themselves and also prospective customers about the latest updates and trends. Customer criticism and appreciation are easy to recognize through such events and organizations can primarily leverage its strength. Live conversations too are broadcasted which eventually builds influencer outreach. 
> Q & A Session- The ballgame is increased and enhanced interactivity through such sessions in the live streaming event. It is the excellent way to get boosted audience engagement because you show that you are concerned about their preferences and interests and you also acknowledge what they opine. Many viewers have questions that can enlighten the other viewers on many significant aspects. Randomly selecting the questions would be more beneficial as diversified issues could be addressed. Periodic live streaming shows have such sessions which make the regular viewers remind about the problems discussed in the previous shows. It also greatly helps to build relevancy and connectivity.
> Post-event Strategy- You tend to spare a huge time to manage your event, promote it and execute it. However, you need to think about the content strategy. Your content has to be fascinating so that it will garner the audience attention even though it ends. You can generate a separate post-event video page where you can upload video clips, photos or event highlights and can spread them through social media pages. Your content is it visual or written; has to be fascinating enough to attract the viewers who have not watched your event before. Conducting social media campaigns and contests is another trick to capture the audience for your streaming show.  
  Periodic live streaming shows hence offer limitless scope to the organization or host to connect with the audience. You can always experiment with this format introducing unique ideas to maintain the interest and curiosity of your audience. Run multiple strategies and find out what suits them best. A live streaming show is an excellent opportunity to grow your business by reaching potential buyers, preserving existing customers and exploring efficient ways to drive them through sales funnel.