Video conferencing technology has proven to be quite beneficial in modern days as most of the individuals are busy in their professional lives. Physically moving around the world for every conference is indeed a not feasible option. It includes enormous expenses as well as time and hence video conferencing becomes a boon. The qualitative benefits of travel blogging have increased the productivity and efficiency of the workforce in many organizations that have motivated the companies to opt for video conferencing solutions. Upgrades in smartphone and wireless network technologies have stimulated its widespread implementations and operations. 

Generic execution of video conference technology has been evident earlier; still, it becomes apparent to mention them being the fundamentals. They are listed below:

> Connect the scattered workforce without travelling from one place to another > Receive and transmit information at any location at any time > Presentations or demonstrations to the clients or customers  > Conduct interviews or reviews of remote candidates > On-demand and real-time viewership of the events  

However, the massive pace of the development in the technology has introduced its usage in the fields including marketing, sales, manufacturing, human resources, training and so on. Video conferencing has allowed an increased number of participants to participate in a webinar or the events. To keep the massive amount of audience on the same page offering the information and data they need is most comfortable with a video conference. Recognizing the market issues have become more straightforward for many companies and they henceforth are leveraging its benefits to attain the competitive edge across the world. Since the beginning of the introduction of video conferencing, the devices have been transformed from room-based to handheld.  

Illustrations of applications:  

Management Meets– Higher level management personnel such as MDs, CEOs, General Managers, Executives, etc. have to meet quite consistently for monthly reports, reviews, strategic planning, etc. who might be situated at different locations. Also, board meetings, town-halls, client meetings, discussions with investors or stakeholders take place quite often. For all these purposes, video conferencing proves to be handy. Also, if some of the personnel have missed any of the meetings, he or she can view the recording later. Confidential discourse, business strategies, future planning, etc. can be discussed in a secured manner.  

Marketing- Marketing divisions across the companies have recognized the potential video conference services are having in context to boosting the product awareness. Multiple organizations are engaged in marketing campaigns over social media. Since a significant amount of communication through the campaigns is nonverbal, video conference inspires the decision makers to take quick and appropriate arbitrations. Be it a new product launch or product demonstration; video conferencing is used by the departments to conduct a global campaign keeping the clients or customers in sync with the latest updates. Planning, ideation, implementation, evaluation, etc. is possible round the clock across the world with the most accessible manner through these solutions. 

> Sales– Salespeople have to spend the significant amount of working hours to meet the clients or customers to get the business rolling. Video conference solutions help the sales executives a lot as they can connect with the concerned personnel within few minutes eliminating the travel costs and time troubles. Productive discussions and deliberations take place over video conference quickly which help the companies to grow their business and hence the revenues. VC solutions have made it possible to build sustaining relationships with the loyal and potential clients. 

> Human Resources- HR departments in today’s organizations have greater scope to play a vital role in the overall development, assistance, and evaluation of the workforce. Recruitments, inductions, interviews, appraisals are few more significant activities in a busy schedule of the HR executives. Selection procedures have been speeded up now that save the time of both the candidates and companies. The video conference can prove to be a lot beneficial when it comes to conducting these operations. Also, corporate training sessions and in-house award ceremonies within the organization with the stations located across the world are possible through video conferencing.
> Training- Training sessions or coaching on significant technical aspects where audiovisual communication has no alternative, Video conferencing is helpful. Large-scale training programs and educational conclaves are convenient through these solutions. Product managers, sales and marketing executives can make use of these solutions to train a young and inexperienced workforce. Question and answer sessions, interaction and detailed discussions over the course become easier through video conference.    

Most of the organizations and businesses today have successfully achieved the tangible benefits of VC solutions. Improving productivity, the work-life balanced has developed a lot. Time and price constraint too have been controlled, and the focus can be kept more on growing the core business.