Google is on the way to launch the new tool that is “Google hire”. It is the revolutionary step that is acquired by the Google. When it will officially launch it’s not announced yet, but the “SIGNUP” is live now for the users to see and visit enter the email address but it returns an error message. The visitor’s page may also make by the Google previously to check the statistics of the user visited each day. It is claimed that it is more likely to be same as LinkedIn, but with an extra and good functionality that really help the “job seekers” as well for posting the job.

google hire

Google has their remarkable standards that each and every can trust and rely on Google words. The news comes from the sources that profile made of the individual over the Google through personal Google account and you have to clear the certain checkpoints that made by the Google that the person or individual is eligible for this kind of job. The searches for the Bosses will go in a swift manner. The interview criteria become shortened by this.

By this account, you may link the various account like YouTube account with your job applications. It will act as a recruiting tool.  In this seekers may place the job and managing the multiple job application. This is the first phase of the ‘Google hire’ in development mode. They want to make the user-friendly application so that more and more people use it and take the maximum opportunity from the Google Hire. It’s the news from the sources that it is developed by Bebop, i.e. enterprise cloud service provider that was co-founded by Diane Green. It is becoming more popular in the recent days because of  launch of Cloud jobs, the API’s are integrated to get the notification of all jobs and many more hiring tools are used in the platform. It is the presumed perception that API gives us the necessity machine learning tools in order to stay tuned with the job seeker postings, the process is very simple and lucid.

In the Google hire the appraisal is made if work is done in Google Ecosystem. They made the system so easy to conduct or scheduled the certain interview.The rules and norms are previously made for these applications are much likely similar to the other job seeker website.


Google Hire is a product under development that will help/support G Suite customers in managing their hiring process in more efficient manner. This product will give permissions to employers to collect candidate applications online. Only the necessity (data) information that isa candidate voluntarily provides would be delivered to a prospective employer to being part of the online application. The individual data (resume), skills will not be shared.”

In Google Hire is little bit lacking behind from another job sites.So the Google hire have to made something with unique abilities in the application that grabs the attraction of much more user. To get updated and latest information just stays connected with us by just following.