Limousines are the truly expensive and classy vehicles, you always you need to take constant care. If your vehicles are used for business, private or commercial, purpose, the ongoing maintenance of your vehicles is the key to increase the durability and save on repair expenses; the regular maintenance will help you to avoid the limo bus truck, coach buses repairs expenses.

Limo Bus Truck Fleet is the Long Island New York based Box Truck Repair and trailer maintenance Company along with highly experienced staff. We are owned business over 30 years’ now; when you need experienced and reliable service for your Bus Limo truck, trailer or other equipment, our regular commercial truck maintenance includes checking the engine oil, radiators, battery, power steering, brake etc.; Also, the auto body needs, specializing in welding (steel and aluminum), fabrication and paint jobs and repair of all left gates, sheet metal and fiberglass etc. We are here to always help you. We assure you with the proper functioning of your vehicle.

Limo bus truck fleet is also expert in limo and coach bus interiors and exteriors. We modify vehicles to suit your needs. If you are looking for a customized tour bus along with the changes according to your service packages;we will repair your vehicles with high quality, professional service at reasonable rates. We offer preventive Coach Bus Repair which is a valuable investment for limo rental operators.

We provide premium quality of Preventive Maintenance Services at cost effective. The preventive maintenance services are highly demanded by our client, to maximize the availability of vehicles, of Preventive Maintenance services must be performed on a scheduled basis.

Limo Bus Truck Fleet is one of the best qualified and authorized Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations to perform inspections on Limousines. At our certified inspection center, we are performing proper inspections on the truck as well as effectively maintaining your vehicle’s conditions and durability. The basic motive of Limo Bus Truck Fleet is to provide a simple and affordable solution to the customer.Contact today limobustruckfleet!