U-Pack is your one-stop online ecommerce packaging supply store for everything packaging with nationwide shipping on corrugated boxes, rolls, courier bags, packing tapes, dispensers, sheet paper, bubble wraps and more. Whether you are running an online store that needs an ongoing e-commerce package supplies or a brick-n-mortar business that ships products all over the country, we can help you with your requirement of quality packaging material online.

Shipping bags consolidate items into a single, efficient padded envelope or mailer that minimize material waste and freight costs. Shipping bags store flat and do not need extra void fill and cushioning which reduce the amount of valuable space taken up in your warehouse.

Benefit of Shipping Bags
1. Be Ordered on Several Sized Bags
2. Actually Save You Money
3. Control Your Environmental Impact
4. Give You an Image Boost
5. Keep Your Name in Customers’ Heads
6. Help You Edge Out the Competition
7. Product protection, especially convenient for fragile items
8. A professional appearance
9. The ability to be custom printed in large quantities
10. Availability in a variety of sizes, types, styles, and cushioning options
11. Reusability

Choose from a variety of sizes of  our tamper proof courier bags, padded Kraft envelopes and simple bubble bags. These light weight and quick to pack bags and envelopes provide a cost effective way to courier your products in a safe and secure way. Upack has variety of Shipping Bags like:
1. Courier Bags
2. Jiffy Envelopes
3. Bubble Pouch
4. Foam Pouch
5. Shopping Bags

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