Fashion is the presentation of you, in the latest colors trends of summery season. In summer we mostly prefer light color clothes during day time. Scientifically it’s proven that dark colors are good absorbed of heat. Fashion not only does with clothes its don with the hairs, shoes, face makeup etc.

main erms

During summer we encounter dirt’s, dust, humidityso we ready accordingly that what type of place we are ought to going. Fashion lightens the social, economic, political variation that occurs symbolizing the fashion.

“From last decades the industry has total focus on the Profit only quality becomes the secondary parameter “


Fashion trends may come and go. Fashion arouses from each and every part of the world. It may be stated as the place, class, time, a religion, a culture and from nations widely. It can be stated that defines the person n a conventional form. Fashion marketing today’s scenario is on the booming segment. Various marketing strategy has been developed to increase the annual budgeting. It is basically the study of the best suited relationship between fashion sense and marketing. In recent industry, people what to like to wear, study the recent hike in which clothes items, which base. These all aspects and parameters are identified so that the most wanted thing should be publishing design and create the design according to that trend settler. As there is increase in the urban area it gives a grooming arise to the fashion. In the north part mostly western trendsetter is followed which is lead through the Bollywood, Hollywood. In these many things are shown the crowd seeing from outside are fascinated about the things an demand for the same outfit that would be war by that particular actress.

Change in taste of the people occurs day by day some needs clingy wear, some want loosy, some are intermediates which they find best suited for their canvas they just get it. Now, days in India the put forwardness of the global brands are not dominating or selling on large scale not only in metropolitan cities but also in small towns too. Apparently, our Industry is emerging as greatest segment of lifestyle not only restricted to clothing but also fashion accessories, watches, jewels etc.

It is estimated guess has been developed from survey that 60% of the retailing sector is consisting of fashion segment. It is around 3,27,000 crores in 2009 and it grows to 10,32,000 crores by 2020 that is 11% growth in all around. To do business in terms of fashion if you are having good color combination technique + stuff knowledge you might emerges as top brand in the industry, if your efforts goes on right track it may definitely be a good way to blossom. In India mostly revenue we earned from the trade of the fashion specially clothing. It is most profitable sector of the development not due to its large scale but because of changing lifestyle of the Indian customers.