Once you have done baking the cake, the most important thing that emerges as a problem is frosting. For a professional, it is like blinking his eyes and for a newbie, it may be the worst headache of the complications so if you are making a cake at home on your own, you must know how to frost a cake right manner.

If you are stuck in a situation when you are unable to frost the cake, it becomes embarrassing and annoying for you as you had worked quite hard to make that cake and now things have ruined totally. If you find yourself in such a situation, you may improve your mood by ordering the same cake online from the best cake in Delhi with same day delivery, or.

You do not need to worry, though because we are here to help you frost your cake, no matter single layered on multi one.


#1) Things you need for frosting;

  • Cake Layers
  • Frosting
  • Offset spatula
  • Cake stand
  • Parchment paper

#2) Frosting: step by step;

  • Pour frosting over cake stand: Just before you start frosting your cake, you will have to understand that you need a good foundation of cake and frosting cream can do that for you. Making a thin layer of frosting over cake stand just before you put the first layer will set your cake to the stand and did not ruin anything.
  • Place the first layer on the stand: Once you have poured a little frosting over the stand to set, you can now move on further by placing the first layer just above the stand, do not move it after it starts getting set.
  • Fix few strips around the cake stand: When you are decorating and frosting the cake, it is possible that this cake stand gets filled with frosting that may look too bad so it is better if you could add strips below the first layer to make your cake look elegant and quite professional.
  • Use the spatula and frost the first layer: You will need to add another layer of the cake so do not frost the first layer completely, do same as you did with cake stand, add frosting to glue the first layer with another without strong connection among layers, you are not going to do the frosting well. Make sure you are putting your on the borders only making a thin layer of it.
  • Now add the second layer as well: It is time to go multi-layered cake and add the second layer to your cake. Ensure you do not let the frosting on the first layer to dry because it will set another layer along. Once you have made the first frosting done and did the second one as well. It is time to cover up the cake with complete frosting.
  • Add more layers if you have: If you are having more than two layers, you can add them the same way you did before while adding the second layer, we feel there should be no confusion doing this.
  • Frost the sides and the top: So, it is time to cover up your cake completely with a thick frosting and then finalize it. take a frosting pipe and cover up the sides with a thick layer and top but with a thin layer. Now, give the finishing touch to the frosting once it dries a little with spatula or knife.

Once you have done so, use parchment paper to just give the last finishing touch to the cake and getting ready for the decoration.

  • Use pipe and design the cake: It is time to use raw flavour powder and making designs on the topping of the cake, Do it and you will have a complete cake, greatly frosted as well.

Hope you loved the post!