E-cigarettes and Vaporizers came into being a decade ago, though till date most of the people are not aware of these technologically advanced devices. These devices came into existence mainly due to the bans imposed on smoking in various countries across the globe. Even though both the e-cigarettes and the vaporizers were introduced to solve the same purpose, they still have various differences between them. Let’s check out some of the differences between the two:

E-Cigarettes – To start off with, the biggest difference between an e-cigarette and a vaporizer is the shape and the design of the two devices. E-cigarettes mimic the shape and style of a traditional cigarette. It is a battery operated device which is used to heat up the element in it in order to produce vapors. The battery life of the device is less as the size of the battery is small. E-cigarettes India contain three parts which include the battery, an cartomizer and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is used to inhale from the device. The e-cigarette may be automatic in which case the atomizer is activated when the person inhales a puff from it. In other cases, the person needs to press on a button for a short while to produce the vapor. The vapor is produced from the cartridge filled in the e-cigarette which produces an odorless vapors that resemble smoke. The user has the option of selecting the strength of the tobacco and the flavor while purchasing an e-cigarette. The e-cigarettes India are available on India vaping shops or on Vape Online India.

Vaporizers– Unlike the e-cigarettes, the vaporizers come in a metallic look which is usually in the shape of a pen. The vaporizers also produce vapors but they are generated by heating up the e-liquid in the device. The user uses the device to produce vapors similar to smoke which are again odorless. Contrary to the e-cigarettes, the vaporizer may be reused as the e-liquid may be filled again. The vaporizer may be disposed off after used or may also be reused. The e-liquid comes in different flavors and can be put in the vape pens used for e-liquid. The flavors available in this device are much more than they are in an e-cigarette. The vaporizers are usually larger in size and shape than the e-cigarettes and have a longer life. There are various vaporizer pen shops in India where people can buy the vapor pen and the e-liquids. Though the vape starter kit in India is a bit expensive than the e-cigarettes they are better as they can be reused and the user doesn’t necessarily need to throw it away after use. There are many vaping shops in India along with the online vape stores which give people access to buy the vaporizers as well as the e-cigarettes.