Being a Teacher and achieving your work life balance means feeling engaged and satisfied in each aspect of your life. Someday you have just got home; you have to collect the kids from their nursery, cook tea, clean up the room and then start your paper marking. Teachers always try to make a good impression with their work, but it is better to work effectively on a single task, rather than taking loads of work and collapse under it.

Between paperwork, chapter planning, grading, meetings, classroom and behaviour management, test preparation, managing relationship with parent, and lastly classroom instruction itself, teachers can easily become physically, mentally, and emotionally stagger.

We can suggest some ways, to increase your productivity at work which can help you feel more satisfied with your life, both in and out of school -:

Sort out your priorities

Make a list of the things that are important to you and decide when you are going to give them some time. It can just be a work list or your family life your interests, are all part of your priorities. For everything else, make sure you keep a reminder.

Take some time for yourself.

You can put aside some time every week where you can just be yourself. You might like to meditate, read a book for an hour or simply just sit and stare. Don’t worry if everything doesn’t get done Try to swap your self-defeating internal script for a more positive one. Your to-do list will only get bigger, and you will never reach the end of it as it happens with all of us, stay calm. You can find that positive thinking about what you’ve achieved is better than being negative about everything you have left to finish.

 Talk to your family

Talking therapies are great if you can talk to the right kind of people. Sometimes you don’t need advice, but just someone to listen to you. It is worthless to spend hours worrying about what if this will happen, or else but it is better to focus on the things you know are real and true not ones you cannot determine or influence. You should try to spend time with your loved ones, whether it is shutting down your laptops to watch a film, having a nice meal or having a night out.

Don’t sweat for small stuff

Completing syllabus within the deadline, Making Question papers, clearing last minute doubts of students are all part of your profession. Time is precious in teaching so make use of all the resources and tools those are available to you. It’s often as simple as that to make you feel better about things.

One should recognise this truth that we will not be able to help anyone next to us if we don’t first ensure that we have got oxygen for ourselves. It is great to enjoy your job, try to give yourself a few minutes to breathe and repose. Never forget, a balanced teacher is one that can connect, inspire, and help their students to achieve personal growth and academic success.