Lifestyle is the way of living, presenting yourself, a person attitude etc. Lifestyle varies from person to person, it greatly depends upon nature their desires, are of living, surroundings each and everything will greatly personify your personality. Lifestyle deeply impacts the personality of the person.The personality grooms the confidence in the person and makes him/her trust on his actions.

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The people lifestyle may vary on the profession significantly likewise doctors, engineers, lawyers from the way of dressing we easily judge that what’s the person profession.Lifestyle plays a vital role; we have a different sense of wearing in according to the different occasion we are going.

Lifestyle is basically a combination of 2 words Life+style i.e ways, styles, opinions, behaviours of living the life. This basically originates from the physiologist Alfred Adler that represent a word in the modern artistic way. We clearly see the difference of lifestyles in urban and metropolis.

Lifestyle is the drafting of the person in contrast to their style, transformation, their actions

Lifestyle depicts the cultural heritage


The activities inhabit in our daily routine are added up in lifestyle. The best way to live lifestyle is to start your day with the exercises, meditation so that positive surrender you and make you away from the wrong thoughts and make your body fit, it gives you the whole day happiness and help to save your energy and rejuvenate yourself for the whole day & exceeds your boosting power to keep your mind calm, cool, peace. If we talk about our actor, actresses they start their day with lots of exercises that makes their body in a perfect shape that quiet helpful in retaining their age.

Lifestyle not only limited to clothes it extends to like shoes, accessories, beautify you (hairdo’s, face-makeup, wearing different accessories), eating stuff, exercising, reading novels, listening songs, etc. Each and everything which cover our daily needs, a necessity that grooms the personality.

Then the most exciting thing that we need whole day delicious, protein rich healthy diet that soothes the inner soul. Food is the essential part of the lifestyle but it varies with a person their age group, the place belongs to each and every aspect varies. Starting from small children their taste buds is different like candy’s etc then coming to teens they need full of spicy meals which contain crunch, buttery etc. likewise different country’s having different ethnic foods and their taste buds are made accordingly. In every case, exceptions are there.

A child learns from the house school all are the actions are added into the lifestyle.The healthy lifestyle adaption may lead to passing on to generations. The psychological analysis inculcates the fact within the humans the illness, major diseases, symptoms are pass on the habits of eating the dressing style we may find the similarity among the group of people belongs to the same background.The further development of person leads to the Profiles and trend approach.
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