KeyscanDo you ever wonder who is entering your building and when? Do you have employees who should have access to your building, but not after certain hours? Or maybe you’re wondering who found the key to your front door that was lost last week and your now wondering who has full access to your business?

With electronic access control systems you can have full control of single or multiple doors and even single or multiple sites. You can control the times employees are allowed to gain entry into your facility, delete lost cards without leaving your office and know exactly who entered your facility and exactly the time they entered (everything can be controlled from a simple PC interface), lock or unlock all doors at once during an emergency and know exactly what time your employees in Knoxville are coming to work from your office in Virginia.

Access control is not only for your business but for single and multi-family dwellings as well. Many gated communities and apartment complexes use access control to restrict access to tenants, land owners and permitted guests. Upon arrival, guest scroll through a digital read out of each tenant. When the correct tenant is located, they simply press the call button which rings the phone in the home or apartment. To let your guest in, you simply press the pound key and the gate opens to let them in and then closes behind them. HEC can provide this service to your neighbourhood or building.

Access control can be as simple as entering a four digit code on an electric keypad or having a retinal scan before the door will unlock. Distribute a new $3.00 proximity card the next time one is lost instead of paying your locksmith $500 to re-key your facility.

Hylton’s Electric Connection as years of experience installing access control systems. We have installed these systems in single employee locations to 1000 employee locations. From your front door to your front gate, you can rest assured only the people you want to enter will make it in.

We proudly install products from Keyscan, Northern Computers, IEI, and DSC.

• Simple as a four digit code
• As advanced as full retinal scans
• Control access from virtually anywhere

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