“A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts” – Brandon A. Trean.

Likewise, writing or being a writer isn’t a simple process of how others see. Every writer says ‘Nothing is much fun like writing’ but the untold truth is, like the fun part, there is also nothing more tedious and draggy like writing. So, it is absolutely necessary for a writer to keep himself motivated for writing.

Below are some tips on how to motivate yourself as a writer.

Create deadlines:

Deadlines are important for any task. Be it a menial work or a cautious task, without a deadline doing a work will be like racing with a tortoise (Hope you understand the reference!). Don’t go for big deadlines. Here the point of creating deadlines not take a big burden on your shoulders, rather it is to finish the task quickly and with quality. Create short deadlines. But, don’t fix the deadline on the time/date when you feel like you should relax, fix the deadline for the time when you will feel energetic and productive.

Write for a while:

“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on” – Louis L’Amour

If you start to write keeping in mind that you have a heap of work to finish, then with no doubt you will procrastinate your writing process. The key to finishing your writing productive you must just start to write. Don’t be pre-planned.  Don’t plan the entire day’s work. Just start to write. Psychology says human mind is like a motor. It will be difficult to start, but once it catches the pace then you won’t remember to stop or pause your work. So, start your work, like, I will write for just ten minutes, or only till the second page. Once you start to write, catch the pace, then don’t worry it will be hard for you to stop.

Aim at the ending:

It will be very tedious when you are in the middle of your planned work. You have finished 50% of the work, still, 50% must go, here you will feel lazier or there are high chances to procrastinate. Now, at this stage, you must look at the big picture, (i.e) the ending. Be it a novel, a story, article, blog or anything; every work is sculptured from the beginning aiming at the end result or the climax of the process. Always bring the ending to your mind whenever you feel like to postpone or pause your writing process. Imaging the pleasure of satisfaction after you finish the ending; aim towards that.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”- Richard Bach

Choose the right time and place:

Always choose the right time and place to start/resume your writing process. Be it early morning, late-night, after lunch, or during twilight choose the time you are in your full potential. Likewise, choosing a place is also an important factor. If you already accustomed to the regular places like study desk, at the bed etc., now change your place. Be it on the staircase, in the garage, side of the window, in the balcony, or even on rooftops, choose your favorite place where you feel fresh and relaxed. Doing a work when there is plenty of air and bright atmosphere increases your productivity.

“A true piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life” – Tobias Wolff

Get motivated 

It’s the bitter truth. Get motivated by yourself. For you, there is no great trainer in the world than you. You cannot walk unless you stand. If you are too lazy or afraid to stand you cannot walk. No matter how many success stories you read, inspirational videos/movies you see, articles you read, there is nothing going to change unless you keep yourself optimized at regular intervals.

“If you wait for inspiration to write you’re not a writer, you’re a waiter” – Dan Poynter

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