Picture Manager was the part of MS Office suite up until 2010. It was decommissioned and not shipped with the later versions. However, if you still miss it, here is the guide to get it back on Windows 10.


Getting MS Office Picture Manager if You Own Older Office Version


We wouldn’t say that downloading Picture Manger on Windows 10 is necessarily straightforward, but it is easy. As you know, Picture Manager was shipped with MS Office Suite 2010 and older versions. If you have Office 2013 or later version, Picture Manager must be missing.


So, what we need to do is run the installation wizard of an older Office version (2010 or older). If you owned one of these versions before, you must have the installation CD. If not, you can download the suite from Microsoft’s website. Please note that you will need to a valid product key in order to install any older version of Office. In case you do not have the key (or have lost it), you can contact Microsoft Office.com/setup Support for help.


Once you have found or obtained the key, you can run the Setup.exe file to initiate the installation process. There is a good chance you will not want to use older Office applications if you are already using one of the latest versions. In that case, during installation, choose ‘Custom Installation’. Make sure you uncheck other Office applications and keep ‘Picture Manager’ checked. This will ensure only the desired program is installed.


When You Don’t Have Older Office Suite


Not everyone owns the older office suite. This should not keep you from getting Picture Manager. Thankfully, there is a workaround (offered by Microsoft itself). We will learn how to get Picture Manger without Office suite in the following text.


We will use the Microsoft Share Point Designer to install Picture Manger. When you are downloading SharePoint Designer, make sure you do not install the 2013 version. You need the 2010 version. Here are the links to download MS SDP 2010 installer on your Windows 10 computer:



Make sure you choose the file for the right bit version of Windows. To check the version you can open Control Panel and go to Security. Click System and Under ‘System’ section you will see ‘System Type’ which will tell you the version.


Please note that you will need to sign in with Microsoft Account in order to download the SDP program. If you don’t have an account, visit https://login.live.com.  If you need any help with login you can contact Microsoft Office Support.


Once you have downloaded the SDP installation file you need to run it to launch the installation wizard. On the main screen, click ‘Customize’ instead of ‘Install Now’ and follow these steps:


  1. Select each program in list one by one and select ‘Not Available’
  2. Now you need to click on the ‘+’ icon next to the ‘Office Tools’
  3. Make sure you select ‘Not Available’ with all the other Office tools except Picture Manager’
  4. Now you can click the dropdown menu related to Picture Manger
  5. Click ‘Run from My Computer’



That’s it! You have the Picture Manager running on Windows 10. In case you run into any problem, get in touch with Microsoft Office Support.

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