For anyone who is seeking for answers to the causes of Peyronie’s illness, odds are you or somebody you know is impacted by it. Sadly we still do not know specifically all of the reasons why Peyronie’s illness happens; nonetheless the great news is you’ll find some methods to repair the harm and in some situations limit the severity of Peyronie’s. A number of the most typical causes are: trauma to the penis, vasculitis, connective tissue issues, heredity, particular medication. [Get extra information about cure for peyronie’s disease

What we do know about what causes the disease:

Trauma towards the penis

Trauma itself isn’t the bring about but the plaque that builds up inside the method of wound healing is often a known result in. Usually this is from bumping or bending the penis for the duration of intercourse which results in some internal bleeding. With trauma the disease can develop rather quickly but in the majority of these cases it might also disappear with out needing remedy. As the wound heals more than time the plaque deposits dissolve.


Vasculitis will be the swelling and irritation of blood vessels. Inflammation can over time build scar tissue that causes Peyronie’s. Because of the slow develop up with the scar tissue it may be hard to initial detect the symptoms with the illness. Vasculitis may also cause long term curvature of your penis that requires treatment.

Connective tissue disorders

Connective tissue is definitely the cartilage, bones and the skin with the physique. Approximately 30 % that have Peyronie’s disease also contract connective tissue disorders in other regions of their bodies. This connection may very well be connected with an autoimmune disorder.


The disease can run in households, suggesting there’s a genetic hyperlink within the bring about of Peyronie’s.


There are some medications that could possibly cause Peyronie’s disease. The majority of these drugs are blood stress or heart medications that use beta blockers; having said that there’s even an eye medication made use of against glaucoma that consists of beta blockers. Some medication that treats various sclerosis and seizures may result in Peyronie’s. The chances of medications causing this disease is quite low and any patient that’s at the moment on medication should really seek advice from their medical professional ahead of discontinuing their medication.

The very good news

Government agencies and universities are still researching the several causes and treatment options. Currently therapies are offered ranging from oral, like vitamin E along with other medicines, applying penis traction devices to correct the curvature from the penis, injections into the penis, and lastly penis surgery.