Long-term care insurance for housing has many of the options for older adults. From communities for generally healthy residents to palliative and terminal care centers of long-term care insurance may include:

Independent living or retirement communities
These communities are for older adults who are generally in good health and able to take care of themselves, so they are not usually a long-term solution for those with Alzheimer’s.

Centers for assisted living
These centers offer private apartments with an internal service of medical attention and activities for the elderly. Many have special sections for those with Alzheimer’s, which are usually between the period of the first stage and the intermediate stage of the disease.

Life care services or communities with ongoing medical care for retirees
This type of community requires a lifelong commitment, beginning with an independent life until it reaches continuous medical care as residents age.

Geriatric centers or specialized nursing centers

These centers offer long-term care, 24 hours a day for people with Alzheimer’s disease in the late stage. They can have special sections for those with the disease.

Hospice Care (Palliative and terminal care)
This palliative and terminal care is available at home or at a specialized center for those with terminal illnesses and who are left with only six months or less to live. Medicare covers the costs of this type of care for a person with Alzheimer’s. Often, the service is not well taken advantage of because it can be difficult to determine how long the person will live.

Resources to use

Be sure to check our Useful Organizations section for detailed resources and advice on home health care, long-term care, life options, support for caregivers and much more information.
However, experts in this field think that part of the problem is that many consumers deny reality. If you are fifty years old and you are healthy, it is difficult to imagine that one day your health will be delicate and you will not be able to take care of yourself. Or maybe you think your children or other family members will intervene. So the best thing is to look for Long-term care insurance.