Best crowdfunding website,, as the name suggests caters to fundraising by people, for people, giving it a democratic fervor. But, there is a catch to this! Have we ever given it a thought- why will random people get drawn towards contributing for an alien cause? Often at times, we resort to a crowdfunding platform in expectation to raise required funds. In case of failure the platform is solely held responsible.

Survey by a London based market research firm- The Crowdfunding Centre show as dismal as 11-31% of campaigns reached their targets in various platforms around US, UK, Canada. This creates mistrust in our mind and we tend to hold the effectiveness of best crowdfunding website in suspicion.

We have to realize that there are certain primary and indispensable criteria to attract public support:

– Prior planning in order to set the target amount

– Mapping of the contributor sections

– Gauging inclusiveness of the issue, thus, the possible impact it can have

A crowdfunding platform acts an affective launch pad of your cause and a resource to provide greater visibility but the narrative that it showcases with supporting visuals and documents, validates your cause in a public forum. So, before launching your campaign you need to be proactive towards arranging sufficient documentation stressing on the necessity of targeted funds.

A campaign trends only if it manages to build up social appeal. An engaging narrative as well as developing interpersonal relationships with benefactors over social media is an effective means to draw attention towards your regular struggles for the cause. A parallel effort to reach out from your end, along with the  effort by the best crowdfunding website, contributes towards better and faster fulfillment of your goal.

Your focal point should be achieving the funds. Way before stepping into the crowdfunding platform you should ensure that at least 30% of the fund amount can be raised through your acquaintances. Common human psychology shows, people tend to get inclined towards those issues which witnesses association of majority heads- the bandwagon scenario. Campaign that ascends faster towards the target appeals to our eye.

Portraying commitment towards your cause on the virtual platform- be it on social media or through your campaign, helps many identify with your situation. Once their mind allows them to step into your shoes, your target is half achieved.

Making unknown people acknowledge your struggles is the toughest part in crowdfunding, so a major part of your strategy goes into analysis of the interests of target groups through an in depth study of the crowdfunding market. To make your efforts pay off- authenticity of your concern, setting a realistic goal and taking cue along with in depth study of existing crowdfunding success stories will definitely be a boon.

The crowdfunding initiative in India is just blossoming at 300 crore, leaving us with a huge opportunity to work on innovative ways to take it far. So, with right intentions and going by the prior mentioned norms, we believe, every individual can attain their objective through crowdfunding. Keep your faith in place and unravel the magic of best crowdfunding website!