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 August 31, 2017: Durga Puja, the most enthusiastic festival of Bengalis is the worship of the heavenly power. It is a craze in West Bengal, but with great splendor in Kolkata and is also the main celebration which Bengalis all over the world look forward. This festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Durga Puja celebration in West Bengal is amazingly beautiful, to say the least. Wonderful Durga Puja pandals, outstanding idols of Goddess Durga, intricate rituals, mouthwatering food and beautiful clothes contribute to make Durga Puja a great spectacle.


Mahalaya signifies the beginning of the Devipaksha and the end of the pitripaksha. The customary six day countdown to Mahasaptami starts from Mahalaya. Goddess Durga visits the earth for only four days but seven days just before the puja, starts the Mahalaya. With the outset of Mahalaya, the countdown of Durga Puja begins. The festival opens on Mahashasthi. The main puja is for three days, Mahasaptami, Mahaastami and Mahanavami.


New glinting outfits, smiling faces, dancing devotees, chanting of mantras, wonderful decoration of lights and the rhythmic beat of dhak all become the part of great Durga Puja celebration. People enjoy a hectic five days full of celebrations, feasting, and some special merriment.


One of the most fascinating parts of the sixth day festival is performed on the Biyoya Dashami day, recognized as Sindur Khela. It is basically a ladies function and that too is restricted only to married women. Sindur Khela is an event on the Dashami, carried out before the idol of Mother Goddess Durga just before her immersion. The majestic festival ends with the immersion of the idol of Goddess Durga in the river or pond with full traditional rituals.


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