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Plexus Radio, 8 September, 2017: Plexus Multi Channel Radio announces a new radio platform with a wide variety of radio channels. This is a free internet radio platform that anyone can play for the whole year without paying a single penny. This is a new generation radio station which is designed to give new talents a chance to show their talent to the world.


Plexus Radio offers a completely unique and advanced multi channel radio platform with different styles of music and genre, allowing everyone to find their own choice from the internet radio channel. The owner and founder of Plexus Radio, Mr. Roger Balta feels proud to make his platform a medium through which the talent of new generation can show their talents throughout the world.


Apart from the new generation singers, this multi channel radio platform is also a good platform for who search for new songs and free music online. The main principal of Plexus Radio is sustainability, freedom, democracy, justice, transparency and social responsibility.


Mr. Roger Balta, with his 23 years experience in different media platforms plans to do something great for the youth and the generation. He has worked in different media fields including radio host, radio producer, sound engineer, disc jockey and lot more. Needless to say that his wide experience in these fields has helped him extensively to build something like Plexus Radio that everyone appreciates and love.


Starting from young talents to music lovers, this multi channel platform has something to offer to everyone. If someone has talent they will definitely find a way to show their talents through this free internet radio platform with less effort and less difficulty.


Plexus Multi Channel Online Radio platform is consist of several radio channels including Plexus Jazz Channel for the Jazz music lovers, Plexus Free Radio 80s for those who love to listen 80s music, Hot Hits Channels and many other channels like StudioSound Channels, Conspiracy Channels and more. Anyone can tune into any channel whenever and wherever they like with the presence of internet without paying for anything.


This radio 1 multi channel platform has already made its move towards the advancement of music industry by allowing entry to a lot of new talents in this platform and expectantly we will be able to see a lot more new talents in this platform with some amazing music and song collections. Apart from music collection the official website of Plexus Radio also contains many amazing stories, blogs and news related to music and media. For further information about Plexus Radio, visit:


About Company:  Plexus Multi Channel Radio is an online radio channel platform that offers a wide variety of radio channels to allow people to listen to their favourite music whenever they want absolutely free. It also allows youths to show their music talents through this platform.


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