Diwali Festival Date and Puja Muhurat

Diwali that is additionally called Deepawali is that the most celebrated festival of the year. Diwali is that the 5 days celebration period that begins on Dhanteras Muhuratand ends on Bhaiya Dooj puja mahurat. However, in Maharashtra Diwali festivity begin some day earlier on Govatsa Dwadashi while in Gujarat Diwali festivities begin 2 days earlier on Agyaras and culminates on Labh Panchami.

Check Diwali 2017 Lakshmi Pujan Shubh Muhurat or Choughadiya and Lakshmi Aarti

Celebrate Diwali 2017

During 5 days celebration, numerous rituals area unit followed and with goddess Lakshmi many different Gods and Goddesses are worshipped. but goddess Lakshmi is that the most vital deity throughout Diwali Puja. The phase of the moon day, that is thought as Amavasya, is that the most vital day of 5 days Diwali festivities and called Lakshmi Puja, Lakshmi-Ganesh Puja, and Diwali Puja.

Diwali Celebrations At Workplace

Diwali 2017Diwali Puja has completed not only in families however additionally in offices. Diwali Puja is that the important day for the foremost traditional Hindu businessmen. On this day, ink bottle, pens, and new account books are worshipped. inkpot and pen, that area unit are known as Davat (दावात) and Lakhani (लेखनी) severally, are sacred by worshiping goddess Maha Kali on them. New account books, that area unit known as Bahi-Khate (बही-खाते), are sacred by worshiping goddess Saraswati on them.

When We Celebrate Diwali

The most auspicious time to do Diwali Puja is when sunset. The period when sunset is thought as Pradosh. The day of Diwali Puja is set when Amavasya Tithi prevails throughout Pradosh. therefore no different Diwali Puja Muhurat is nearly as good as Puja Muhurat throughout Pradosh though it’s offered for one Ghati (approximately 24 minutes).

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