You can save your money and time by digital marketing. Digital marketing is an attractive and easy way to develop your business. Digital marketing means online marketing. Online means work done by internet, so we can say digital marketing means online marketing .We are purchasing or sealing goods and services by online. Digital marketing is a best source to promote your small or large business by online. You are any where in office or a home you can boost your business online. A digital marketing strategy is the plan for your next steps and it helps you make your efforts more effective. Once a business get into planning its digital marketing actions, it’s already closes to achieve its objectives, as the strategy serves as the reminder on what still need to be performed.

Second you can earn money by digital marketing because digital marketing is the main source of digital earning. You can earn money by   Ad sense, you tube, Banners, Google Boggler, Google plus Word press pinterest etc.  Main parts of digital marketing:–

  1. SEO: – Search engine optimization
  2. SMO:-Social media optimization
  3. SMM:-Social media marketing

White hat, Gray hat, Black hat is also a part of SEO. Keywords are playing a bib role in any site .Keywords the main points in SEO.  Keywords density is most important in any website. You can make your site valuable by keywords. SEO means search engine optimization. Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing including channels that do not require the use of internet. It includes mobile phones (both SMS &MMS) social media marketing display advertising, search engine marketing &many other forms of digital media. Through digital media, consumers can access information any time and any place where they want.

According to Chaffey (2011), Social media involves “encouraging customer communications on company’s own website or through its social presence.” If you want to increase your web site Alexa rank or Google PR. I suggest the perfect web site:-


These sites give tips and tricks to increase your web sites Alexa rank and Google PR. also gives the training of SEO, PHP, etc……. These sites also provide online training. That’s way I prefer these sites….

Digital marketing is one type of marketing being widely used to promote products or services and reach consumers using digital channels. Digital marketing, electronic marketing, e-marketing are all similar terms which simply put, refer to “marketing online whether via websites online ads, or emails. You can also create banners, logos, video related to your business and 

Promote your business on Google plus twitter, pinterest, you tube, face book etc…….

 Benefits of digital marketing: – Digital marketing can have a numbers of benefits over that can help you to accelerate your business growth. Here are the top benefits that digital marketing can offer:-

  1. Interact with your clients online.
  2. Cost reduction
  3. Connect with smart phone users
  4. time saving

Scope of digital marketing increasing day by day… …….






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