Construction projects entail considerable risk. Profit margins are relatively low when compared to the investment made, and often estimates of cost can only be based on best guesses. Therefore, it is critical to manage and minimize the exposure to risk. Fortunately, there are several opportunities in the life of a project that allow for significant risk management. These opportunities start with the decision of whether or not to bid, and following through to the bidding, subcontracting, and management phases.

In this webinar Expert Speaker Fritz Marth will explore the risk management strategies that can be employed at the various times, and in the various aspects, of a construction project. Using real-life examples, Speaker will also explore the successful implementation of these methods, as well as instances where a failure to manage risk resulted in unsuccessful outcomes.

Session Highlights: 

Assessing whether or not to bid a project

Developing an adequate bid

Properly planning and scheduling the work

Engaging subcontractors and allocating risk

Establishing proper protocols and procedures

Having the appropriate supervision and management

Maintaining adequate information and documentation

Why You Should Attend: 

The webinar will help the attendee in identify key project milestones and opportunities for risk management, and learn how to address risks during the entire lifespan of a project. Highlighted with real life examples, the attendees will develop an appreciation for the risks inherent in undertaking a construction project, and how to efficiently limit the exposure to risk.

Who Should Attend: 

Construction Company Executives

Contractors’ Project Management Staff

Construction Managers

Project Owners and Sponsors

Construction Attorneys



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