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Surface Pro Essentials Bundle to save up to $159 on surface pro Laptop with New Surface Pro Promo Code. Get your choice of Surface Pro, Type Cover, designer sleeve, 2-year extended warranty, and a year of Office 365. Are you in serious need of a laptop that has a versatility of a tablet as well as a studio? Why don’t you check out the all new Surface Pro which will serve the purpose to the fullest?  You can get a device which is 2.5 times faster than Surface Pro 3 as the features incorporated in it makes it unique and compatible to the user requirements. The 7th generation Intel core processor clubbed with SSD up to 1TB, and Intel HD Graphics you can expect the best device from Microsoft. The screen is wide enough with an aspect ratio of 3:2 and awesome Pixel sense display resolution. The battery life is good enough with 13.5 hours of video playback, and there are other features also which can simply make your experience richer as you purchase Surface Pro. You can look for a suitable Microsoft Surface Pro Promo Code in order to grab this feature clad device at a much lesser price. This is evident because the main motive behind introduction of these promo codes is to simply create for market space among brand followers for Microsoft. This will surely generate more revenue and hence the company ensures that they announce these codes every time they launch a product! Surface Pro is not an exception and hence you can find these codes abundantly over the internet. Spend some quality time over there and grab you share of promo codes right today. Surface Pro is an extremely secured device with TPM chip for additional security as well as Windows Hello that need biometrics for logging in. There are other features like micro SD card reader, Surface Connect, mini display port, headset jack and full size USB 3.0. Which are utmost important to make the device at par with other plugins. You can also get a 5 MP front camera, with 1080p resolution, Skype HD video calling facilities, 8MP rear facing camera, 1.6W stereo speakers and many more so that the device can come out to be a comprehensive solution for all kinds of functions. You will also get features like ambient sensors as well as accelerometer gyroscope. What can be better than this? If you are not that much compatible with online search, there is nothing to lose hope. You can simply make your day upon visiting a retail store which is spread all across the globe and can be found in any major city. You might locate one of them near your office or may be nearby your home. You can simply hit the store one day and ask the employees there to find out the most suitable Microsoft Surface Pro promo code for you that suit your budget and preference. Redeem them then and there and purchase the device only to get lucrative discounts on your purchase. Otherwise you can also purchase the same online and redemption of those codes is highly possible over the internet to get the same amount of discounts like retail stores. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your deals from Microsoft and be the proud owner of a great device!

Need to change the existing Microsoft office version that you are using? Why don’t you check out some lucrative Microsoft office 365 home Renewal promo code Canada online? Read more to know how can their redemption save your money? Are you planning to upgrade to your Office software to the all new Office 365 Home? If so then you should be able to do it at ease, since Microsoft has made significant updates to the new one keeping all your requirements in mind. It is best for not only professionals but also ideal for household users. You can use it for multiple devices including PC’s irrespective of the operating system you use, android devices, iPads, etc. You can also get all standard software suites including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and others; so that you can continue your personal as well as professional work like you did with the earlier versions. You can think of an hour of free of cost Skype minutes which would be helpful for you to talk to your loved ones who stay apart. There are exclusive features when it comes to updates and you can also get whopping 1TB storage up to 5 users at your place. What can be better than this? Interestingly Microsoft has made life easier for customers who like to buy the best product but also do not want to take fiscal pressures. That is why along with the product they have also announced several well designed office 365 home promo code which would give you some great discounts when you wish to purchase the new updated version. This is their standard practice so that brand lovers don’t need to pull their hands out due to huge price that the software has in the market. Isn’t that great? The main aim of announcing these offers is to promote the brand of Microsoft among people of all categories all across the world. There are thousands of ardent brand followers who wish to use Microsoft products over others. That is why the updated software is made compatible with all versions of Operating system including MAC as well as Windows. It is because mostly people are shifting their focus to the former from the latter due to ease of use and better security features. You can highly upgrade your existing software into the new one at ease and you will be happy to know that there are discount offers for upgrades also. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the time constraint. As not unknown to you that there is thousands of Microsoft followers all over the world and each of them keep their eyes open to grab these promotional codes before anyone else does. The reason is pretty obvious-if you are using this Microsoft Office 365 Home Renewal Promo Code at the early hours, you will surely be getting your desired products at much discounted rate. If you be late then it might so happen that your desired product get exhausted and you end up not using the promo code in the most appropriate manner. So it is a sincere advice that you should try to grab the offers at the earliest. You can check out internet or can also visit any of the Microsoft retail shop to find out the codes as per your wish.

The Microsoft office 2016 promo code is available for both PC and Mac for a single user who wants the basic Microsoft office applications to use on one windows PC or one Mac at discounted price. But one should remember that they cannot access cloud storage and also upgrades are not included in this version. Based on your usage, whether home, business or school, one can either choose the Microsoft office 2016 or go for Microsoft 365whichever is right for you at a discounted price using the promo code. Microsoft Office 2016: The Microsoft office 2016 is offered as a one-time purchase to access all the latest office 2016 applications like word, excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. The latest features in these applications offer you a wonderful experience working on word or using PowerPoint for your presentations. The Microsoft word 2016 offer you the best writing platform to bring the best out of you in a professional format with editor for finishing touches and also advanced proofing tool, spell check and grammar that helps you write proficiently. The customizable natural formatting tools help to create impressive documents. Excel also comes with familiar and easy to use features with suggestions to enhance productivity. This latest excel version is sleek and modernized with graphs and charts that can turn out ordinary spreadsheets which can also be easily collaborated to a PowerPoint presentation. The power point 2016 also comes with new design features, simple and easy to use tools along with improved help menu to enhance your experience working on power point. The OneNote 2016 helps you to capture, share and store information in the best manner. Microsoft Office 365: However, for more enhanced features you can check out for the office 365 software that also gets you Access and Publisher along with the other office 2016 tools. The version is also automatically upgraded as and when new updates are released by the company. With office 365 it is possible to install on more than one computer and also a combination of PCs and Macs. The office 365 can also be shared with others. The offices 365 also offer extra features that are compatible to use on 5 tablets and 5 smartphones. It is also possible to store all the files in cloud storage and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime which is missing in office 2016. The office 365 software subscription is available on both a monthly basis or as a onetime payment as per the convenience of the users. Technical support is also available throughout the subscription for office 365 while only initial technical support for installment is offered for office 2016. By using the Microsoft Office 365 Promo Code Canada you can get the latest version of Microsoft tools for your Mac at discounted price.

Are you a creative person? If so then you must check out the all new Surface Studio that can let you enter a all new world of digital excellence which will impress you from all spheres. You can turn your desk into a studio because the device is especially designed for creative projects. The screen size is absolutely perfect for this, with a 28 inch adjustable Pixel Sense display and thus you can get a canvas huge enough for any kind of work. Lay it flat for using it as a drafting table or position it like a desktop for sketching, or painting or even edit your photos, and you can expect a great picture quality for your own work! The 10 bit color depth, with 13.5 million pixels can make your work look better and even smoother so that you can impress your colleagues to a great extent. You can imagine that this device will come to you but with an incredibly huge price, which is justified by its features. It is powered by a generation 6th Intel Core i5 and 8GB RAM, with Windows 10 preinstalled for users. Further they can get 1tb storage in cloud so that they can store all their work for future references without the fear of losing them at any cost. The device is quite compatible with Surface Dial and Surface pen which means you can enhance your works as you use them all across your project. Plus you can also make video calls to your colleagues and talk to them as if you are facing them, so that work is never interrupted at any cost. Can you expect anything more than this? You can grab a suitable set of Microsoft Surface Studio Promo Code offer easily at any retail store of Microsoft. All you need to do is to look for one of them nearby your location. In case you can get one of them, hit the store and simply ask for the promo codes from the employees who will be able to guide you in the most perfect way. In case you haven’t been able to find any one of them, you can look for the same over the internet, where you will get a plethora of options to choose from specified upon your preference and budget. Pick one of them and redeem them as and when you purchase Surface Studio, expect some whopping amount of discounts on the final MRP. The only thing you have to keep in mind is time. There are hundreds and thousands of people, who look out for such promo codes, but few of them can actually grab it, because there is a huge demand and many fail to use them being late. So eventually they lose the opportunity to grab the best products at the least price. If you don’t want to be a part of that lot, simply grab onto the Surface Studio promo code and ensure that you get the device at the most reasonable price. Don’t waste your time and immediately check out the internet or the retail shop for the best offers designed by Microsoft only for you.

Social Media may seem like a temporary fad to some people, however very few people know how to access its potential to profit in their business.  The wave of social media has taken over everything. Every brand now has social media account that it uses to interact with people.  Does Social Media really have any effect on potential customers? Can it really be used to increase sales? Read ahead, to find the benefits of Social Media. Increased recognition of your brand: Any opportunity to increase your brand’s recognition must be utilized. Social media offers the same via its different channels. Your brand’s voice, its ideology and its content is pushed out to large number of people. Your brand’s reach improves and it becomes more accessible to potential customers. It also makes your brand seem more accessible, friendly and social. Connection with your audience: A potential customer always wants to see a ‘human’ side of a company. Social media has the capability of humanizing a brand. A company cannot completely act like a corporate entity on social media. When it interacts with the users it gets a human touch. This connection plays an important role in improving customer loyalty. Increase in brand loyalty: The brands who engage with users on social media tend to enjoy higher loyalty from customers. Social Media channels offer a unique way to respond to customer queries, complaints and concerns. The company has a chance to connect with its users. This rare opportunity can be used to convince the customers and ultimately convert them to loyal customers. Targeting customers and driving sales: Once you get to know your potential customers and understand the type of content they respond to, it becomes easier to market your product. Your target audience is clear, marketing your product effectively to them is the only challenge you have. The same can be solved by posting relevant content that will keep the customers engaged and make your brand feel like a friendly company rather than a corporate machine. SEO targeting: Your SEO targeting gets easier with Social Media. Your brand will already be established and have users engaged in the content. Accounts on different social media sites are like a path leading back to your website. The inbound inquiries increase automatically, as the customers will search for your brand and its related keywords. The increased traffic will ultimately lead to increase in sales. Lower Marketing Costs: Marketing costs are one of the highest expense a company makes. Since Social Media Pages prove to be an insightful marketing platform, your brand already reaches your target audience.  The amount of expense after an effective social media strategy is pretty small. By reducing a large expense, social media helps by growing the profit margin of a company. Social Media Marketing is here to stay. The sooner you realize its impact, the better for your business. When a well analyzed strategy is applied, social media can be a huge success and you can reap its benefits for a long time. Invest in a company that will manage your social media today. Click here for more information about Social Media Marketing, Facebook marketing and Social Media strategies.

Vous avez cassé accidentellement votre ecran pc portable ? Vous pouvez vous-même procéder à la réparation grâce aux écrans de remplacement proposés à prix compétitifs sur La boutique s’adresse aux particuliers, aux détaillants en informatique grand public, et aux réparateurs d’ordinateurs portables. Des écrans pour tous les modèles d’ordinateur Vous remarquez des fissures sur votre ecran portable ?  Le spécialiste des écrans tactiles et dalles pour portable, smartphones et tablettes, met à la disposition des cyberacheteurs et professionnels une large sélection d’écrans de haute qualité. Vous pouvez acheter votre ecran ordinateur portable au meilleur prix sur cette boutique où les meilleures marques sont réunies (Acer, Toshiba, AU Optronics, LG Philips, Samsung, Apple…). Quel que soit le modèle d’écran que vous recherchez, vous pouvez en être sûr de le trouver dans les rayons. Si vous avez besoin d’aide en rapport avec les produits ou les services du site, le support technique peut répondre à toutes vos questions 24h/24 et 7j7. Les avantages d’acheter son écran auprès d’un expert Voulez-vous acheter un matériel ou un composant informatique en ligne ? La règle à retenir est de choisir un vendeur fiable et expérimenté. est présent sur le marché des écrans de remplacement pour portable depuis 2001. Il a non seulement de l’expérience, mais aussi le savoir-faire pour pouvoir répondre à la plus large demande possible. La boutique propose des écrans neufs conçus conformément aux normes de l’industrie, par des fabricants d’écrans LCD parmi les plus fiables du marché. Il fournit un catalogue de produits des plus complets capable de satisfaire toutes les catégories de clients.  Les acheteurs bénéficient par ailleurs de la garantie « satisfait ou remboursé ». Conseils pour passer commande Pour commander un écran pc portable en ligne, vous devez connaitre le numéro de pièce de l’écran à remplacer. Celui-ci est inscrit au dos de l’écran sous la forme Lp156wh3, lp173wd1 tl C1… Il suffit ensuite de taper le numéro dans la barre de recherche et choisir parmi les résultats fournis. Si vous ne pouvez pas situer le numéro de pièce de l’écran, vous pouvez également trouver le modèle d’écran qu’il vous faut à l’aide de la marque et le modèle de votre ordinateur portable. Il faudra ensuite choisir la résolution, la taille et la finition de l’écran qui peut être mate ou brillante. Notons que les caractéristiques de l’écran de remplacement et celles de l’écran d’origine doivent être identiques sauf pour la finition. Des réductions à valoir sur la prochaine commande Le programme spécial TechPoint vous fait obtenir des réductions sur le prix de votre ecran portable. Pour en profiter, il suffit de faire quelques gestes simples sur le web, par exemple poster un avis sur les services de la boutique sur un site de commentaires, ou partager son achat sur les réseaux sociaux, montrer dans une vidéo les étapes de montage de l’écran acheté sur la boutique, ajouter un commentaire concernant son achat sur la page produit correspondante. Notez que les tâches sont rémunérées entre 3 à 10 euros. Vous pouvez y participer dès votre premier achat sur le site. Comment remplacer son écran portable ? Remplacer une dalle ordinateur demande un certain savoir-faire technique, notamment pour les ordinateurs aux caractéristiques complexes. Pour être sûr de réussir l’opération, il est préférable de visionner des tutoriels vidéo sur internet. Sachez que si vous achetez votre écran pc portable sur, vous avez tout de suite droit à une chaîne Youtube dédiée qui vous montrera comment s’effectue le remplacement d’un écran cassé. Avec l’aide de ces vidéos, vous pouvez vous-même remplacer votre écran et faire des économies.

Mobile has become the primary platform for any industry to venture into. Mobile application is the driving force in the current economic landscape, everything from games, productivity apps enterprise solutions, and utility tools are all now available on the mobile platform, and it’s just the beginning. But why is it that we all have to go mobile? As a business executive, you have realized that to get to the customer fast, you have to come up with applications that run on smartphones to raise your revenues progressively. This trend of mobile app development exerts more pressure on small businesses to leverage their growth through mobile application development. Once a technological shift starts, it is hard to change it. When you look at the applications that are being developed in business, everything is being centered on mobile apps. Business executives are forced to change their strategies from the traditional ways to incorporate mobile solutions for all their services. These changes and variations that are implemented in business can increase the returns of business once they are deployed well. What are Micro Apps (MA) The number of apps that have been developed since 2008 when Android and iOS began range to millions. Even though apps have been churned out in numbers, there has been a change in how mobile app development works, and how apps are packaged. Native apps are difficult to use, and they usually feel bloated. ‘Micro apps’ is the new way that is on the rise. Micro apps ideally have a single purpose, a simple user interface; they are HTML based, they load dynamically bypassing app stores, and they load into communication tools like slack and FB Messenger. What are Micro Services (MS) To achieve immediate results, a microservice is used as the central unit that integrates multiple systems, solving any kind of problems. An MS counters the prolonged endeavors that are seen in interoperability between applications. Some companies like GE implemented SOA, but other companies have failed to implement it. Microservices are self-contained, atomic services that work on a single operation. MA’s have become a trend in the current business landscape because they are easy to use, they can propagate like mushrooms, and they can call several external and internal microservices. What are Micro Flows (MF) Human to machine interaction is the domain for microflows. Tools used in business process management help organizations to implement automation of business processes in a top-down approach. These systems are expensive, and they take a lot of time to deploy. When microflows come to the picture, they are easy to use, flexible to work with and they are convenient enough especially when it comes to integrating contributors to a macro workflow. When using MF’s, you don’t have to use complex legacy systems to solve a business issue. The current generation z are shocked at the number of complicated systems that are used by global companies. You should think like millennials who opt for of more natural ways of delivering results in business processes. For instance, managers can work better with microflows when it comes to approvals, instead of logging into a system. Microflows make business executives interact easily with several systems using a single interface. Conclusion This is not the time to find the perfect name for your mobile app or spending more time coming up with promotion strategies because the new development is ready to go live and deliver results. Gone are the days when mobile app developers are stuck to the old mobile application development trends. The combination of microflows, micro apps, and micro-services builds on each other to come up with a new generation of apps that both company executives and mobile app developers can use.

 No one can deny the fact that the digital world today is prone to security breaches, virus attacks, and other online threats. These threats attack the customers’ devices with the intent of stealing the confidential information and misusing it. Apart from this, the viruses may also damage or corrupt your important data, resulting in a big loss. To prevent these viruses get successful in their bad intentions, you can download, install and activate a Norton antivirus.A Norton antivirus not only helps the customers to protect their device from the harmful online viruses or threats but also help them back up their data without installing any other third-party software. With Norton Online Backup, you can keep copies of your irreplaceable important files, digital photos and much more highly secure and protected from the virus attacks. It lets you quickly recover your files when your system’s hard drive crashes or file system damages. While availing Norton Online Backup services, you might face several issues and one such issue occurs when you run a backup to a local storage media. The message you face with the occurrence of this error is: “There is a backup problem. Make sure the destination drive or device is connected” This can make you helpless to protect your media files. To troubleshoot the error, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned process:
  • Please Note that the Norton customer support provided here is applicable for the latest version of the Norton online backup. However, if you are using an older version, it is recommended to visit Norton update center or call Norton toll-free number
Step 1- Create a new backup Norton setup
  1. Open Norton and click Settings
  2. Click Backup Settings under Detailed Settings tab
  3. Now, click Configure placed under Manage Backup
  4. On the Summary tab, click “Create a new backup set placed” under Things You Can Do section
  5. Provide a name for your new backup set
  6. Hit OK
  7. Under the What tab, check the My Documents or the drives listed under Backup Sources
  8. From the File Types, choose the file category you want to back up
    • In case you don’t want to back up any particular category, simply uncheck it. On the other hand, to add additional folders or files, click Add or exclude files and folders and then hit Include Folder or Include File to choose the same
  9. In the Where tab, make sure you choose the right destination
  10. Click Save Settings and then Run Backup
Step 2- Delete your old backup set
  1. Open the Norton product and click Settings
  2. Now, click Backup Settings under Detailed Settings
  3. Click Configure available just next to Manage Backup
  4. Open the Summary tab and in the Backup Set Name drop-down menu, choose the backup set you want to delete or remove
  5. Click Delete backup set under Things You Can Do
  6. Now, delete backup set under Delete Backup Set window
  7. Hit Yes
  8. It’s done!
While creating a new backup set or deleting the older one if you find an issue or error then call Norton toll-free number. A  technician will respond to your call immediately and provide you the best solution.

Elections at housing societies could be considered as a bone of contention among its members. They have the right to elect the managing committee of the housing society every five years. If any society refuses to do so then a legal complaint could be launched against it. As there are situations when in some societies election is conducted once and the same person continues to hold the position for years. Sometimes these elections are avoided because of the hassle in the election process. If the whole voting process is conducted using Housing societies voting app launched by right2vote then the process could be simplified very easily. How are Housing society elections held? A proper procedure has been laid down for conducting elections to appoint a managing committee. This procedure must be according to the cooperatives societies Act. The election process starts about two months prior to the end of the existing managing committee’s term. The management committee, in fact, has to put forward a notice of the expiry of the term. Further, it has to invite members to contest the next election. When the elections could be done using the app then the app would automatically remind the members through a notification about it. The members are invited to the election process then a list of members is compiled who are eligible to vote. This list has to put on the notice board 60 days prior to the election. After that, a returning officer is appointed by the managing committee who would oversee the election procedure. Then the complete election program is submitted to the registrar and a copy is put up on the notice board. While choosing the returning officer it has to be kept in mind that the officer can’t be someone who is contesting the election or supporting a candidate. If the management committee fails to appoint any returning officer, then the registering officer has the authority to appoint. The need of a returning officer could be abolished when the whole voting process is conducted using a voting app. What is done in case of dispute? If there is any kind of dispute with another member of the society, or there is grievance over certain matters practiced by the society then you can lodge a complaint with the managing committee. The committee has to look over the issue and then respond within 15 days of receiving any complaint. In case the committee doesn’t respond back within this time duration then you can approach the deputy registrar office. It regulates all the matters of the housing societies, including a transfer of shares, maintenance of records, improper use of funds and unfair electoral practices. At any point of time if it is found that the existing committee is holding the position without proper elections then the existing committee could be dissolved, and an administrative officer is appointed who would look over the affairs of the society till fresh elections are conducted. If you want hassle free and genuine housing society elections, then the voting process must be done using a housing society voting app.

Gone are those days when people used to make phone calls to the taxi drivers to share their location and drivers took too late to reach the locations as they couldn’t track the suitable routes with minimum traffic. With the introduction of smartphone technology and changing demands of the users, taxi booking app solution have been modified as per the customer needs in minimal time.  Technology has simplified many of the business norms and now people have high-quality taxi booking apps that let them call taxi drivers with a few clicks. Passengers can download any taxi booking app, sign-in with their name and contact details. While booking a taxi, they enter source and destination in the app, choose vehicle type, check out an estimated cost, and lastly, click on the booking button. They even get the details of driver, name and mobile number. If passengers want, they can call the driver and share their location precisely. The taxi will come to fetch them within a short span. Growth in the mobile technology lets mobile users freely go roam from one place to another whenever they want. Whether the passenger is a student, a business associate, or a tourist, taxi app is for everyone. This modification have changed the face and base of the taxi industry, allows passengers and drivers to contact with one another in just a few minutes. Most of the taxi companies have their own taxi booking app, used by both, the passengers for calling/hiring a taxi and the drivers for tracking and communicating with passengers. The taxi booking apps provide overall information about the drivers and let passengers keep track of their location: where they are and when will they reach their location. Along with using other features, drivers can use GPS and have the real-time map to reach an exact location. There are many companies who give special training to the drivers to easily operate the app and take care of the passenger’s health.  Though, some drivers are well-experienced and trained, but may misuse the GPS-enabled mobile devices for their personal purpose, resulting in increased data usage cost. Since many taxi companies have a large fleet of vehicles, it is necessary for them to design a highly reliable and efficient software for managing all the devices that are installed in the vehicles. An effective software will monitor drivers’ performance, provide remote software, and keep them updated about everything. The taxi industry has turned out to be one of the best transportation solutions. Taxi companies have overcome a lot challenges with the help of latest technology and taxi booking app. Below given some of the reasons why you should hire these services in your taxi business:
  • Taxi applications allow passengers and drivers to contact with each other.  Third-party is not involved in any of their communication
  • Drivers can’t change any app setting as it can be accessed only by the admin
  • Mass deployment of a fleet is possible within a short span of time  
  • It’s simple for the passengers as well as drivers to learn using the taxi app
To conclude all of that, mobile technologies have completely transformed the face of our taxi industry and are still on the way of improving its standard.