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NEET PG 2018 result along with the rank has been pronounced by NBE on the official sites, The rank has been given to those understudies just who qualify the exam by scoring equivalent to or more than the decided cut off. Furthermore, just the qualified hopefuls will be permitted to share in the directing session for NEET PG 2018 by any stretch of the imagination India, and additionally state levels.

Find the most recent news, details on on NEET PG 2018 outcome alongside the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test score card, rank list, merit list, shorts according to plan here in this blog.


The NEET PG 2018 exam directed and afterward result pronounced by the board capably post which advising session sorted out by MCC by any stretch of the imagination India level and state experts handle affirmation at state level.

Important dates relating to the same are given underneath:

NEET PG 2018 Dates
Conduct of exam 07 Jan 2018
Declaration of result 23 Jan 2018
Availability of score card for 50% all India quota 23 Jan 2018
Declaration of rank 15 Feb 2018


NEET PG 2018 – Rank Declaration Date


NEET PG 2018 result that has been pronounced by NBE as of late incorporates the scored acquired by the competitors. The All India NEET-PG 2018 rank i.e. ranking of a competitor among all the showed up hopefuls is relied upon to be proclaimed by NBE on 15/02/2018.

As usual, the tie breaking rule will continue as before and will be connected in the event that required. The tie softening criteria can be perused up the data release. The quantity of effectively and erroneously endeavored answers will be pronounced by the NBE while proclaiming the All India NEET-PG 2018 rank.


Students are influencing inquiries to like whether the inquiries set apart for audit have been assessed or not for age of the outcome.

This is to educate you that a solitary kind of stamping plan has been utilized to figure scores of every competitor showed up for the exam.

Find the followed marking scheme below:

  • Correct Response: 4 marks
  • Incorrect Response: 1 mark deducted
  • Unattempted Question: Zero

Likewise, the inquiries set apart for survey have been assessed according to the above plan for the score figuring.

Instructions were duly mentioned on the question paper stated that the questions which have been marked for review shall be evaluated.


A notice has been issued by NBE relating to the NEET PG result announcement alongside the cut off score i.e. 321 for UR, 281 for SC/ST/OBC/SC-PH/ST-PH/OBC-PH, and 300 for UR-PH.



It is imperative for the candidates to know that there are two kinds of merit/rank rundown of NEET PG 2018. One of them is the legitimacy position of rank that is specified in the score card and the second one is of state level that demonstrates the qualification for state level advising.

Find the Types of Merit Lists Below:

  1. NEET PG 2018 rank:

It is the overall position w.r.t. all candidates appeared for the NEET PG 2018 exam.

  1. NEET PG 2018 All India 50% quota rank:

It is the rank w.r.t. all candidates appeared in NEET PG 2018 for AIQ 50% seats.

Important for AIQ 50% seats.

  1. NEET PG 2018 All India 50% quota category rank:

Candidates belong to SC / ST / OBC will also get this rank. It is the rank w.r.t. candidates of that category who have appeared in NEET PG 2018 for AIQ 50% quota seats.

If we go behind the data leaflet the outcome should turn out on 31 January 2018 yet the board shockingly pronounced it on 23 January 2018.

NEET PG 2018 – Cutt Off

The data on cut off percentile was shared previously and now you have scores too. You require scores identical to the 50th percentile (UR)/40th percentile (SC/ST/OBC)/45thpercentile (PWD). Imprints comparing to these percentiles have been made known now that legitimacy list is accumulated. A year ago’s shorts additionally can be alluded for the examination.


Category Qualifying percentile cut off Cut off score
General 50 321
SC / ST / OBC 40 281
UR-PH 45 300


Category Qualifying percentile cut off Cut off score Revised qualifying percentile cut off Revised cut off
General 50 705.9194 42.5 667.4111
SC / ST / OBC 40 655.1766 32.5 618.8969
PwD 45 680.0611 37.5 643.1009


The load up is approved to modify the shorts whenever in the event that enough number of hopefuls who don’t qualify the exam or some other comparable cases. As per Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India Notification F.No V.12025/18/2017-MEP dated 24th May 2017, the base cut off was updated a year ago. However, the same is slightest ensured to occur in future.


Following are the guidelines to download the score card:

  1. Click on the connection which is given on this page or explore result interface on the official site of NBE.
  2. Enter points of interest, for example, Testing ID, Date of Birth, and so forth and submit them.
  3. The outcome is here, download it and remove a print from the score card.

How to check NEET PG Result 2018?

Applicants who will show up for the placement test can check their outcome by just after the directions as given beneath:

  1. Firstly, hopefuls need to tap on the immediate connection which is accessible on this page now that outcome is accessible.
  2. The outcome for NEET PG 2018 should be accessible in pdf organize.


In the event that you are qualified for admission to PG therapeutic courses however your name isn’t said in the rundown of applicants who are qualified for advising for All India half portion seats in view of qualification criteria gave by MCC/DGHS/MoHFW, you can be bound qualified for state directing.


A database of competitors and their imprints got in NEET PG 2018 gave to the state government directing specialist by NBE following which the state experts get ready/distribute state portion rank, state class rank, advantage for In-benefit applicants, rustic posting (if material) according to guidelines.  

Find the list of states and corresponding official websites for the purpose below:

Name of state NEET PG 2018 counselling
Arunachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
West Bengal

ADMISSION ON THE BASIS OF NEET PG 2018 SCORES Admission on the basis of NEET PG 2018 scores is possible in the following places:

  1. All India 50% quota seats for MD/MS/PG Diploma courses (all States except Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir)
  2.  State quota seats for MD/MS/PG Diploma courses for all States/Union territories of India (including the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana & Jammu & Kashmir)
  3. MD/MS/PG Diploma courses at all Private Medical Colleges, Institutions & Universities/Deemed Universities all across the country
  4. MD/MS/PG Diploma courses at Armed Forces Medical Services Institutions.
  5. DNB Broad specialty courses (January 2018 Admission Session)

PG seats of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are likely to come under 50% All India Quota Seats 2018 subject to confirmation by the respective State Governments to MoHFW, Govt. of India.


Following are the institutes hold separate exams and admission process:

  1. AIIMS, New Delhi
  2. PGIMER, Chandigarh
  3. JIPMER, Puducherry
  4. NIMHANS, Bengaluru
  5. Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology, Trivandrum

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