Are you looking of Bridge or groom. We will help you with that Send your img and biodata and requirements. We will send you suitable match for you life partner.

They will come with these lines. Once you receive image of girl and biodata you will think that this is perfect match. They will put you on conference on other side with girl or boy to talk and confirm they are real and they are interested. 

Then they will ask for payment. If you make delay they will continuous call you again and again. Once the payment is done. They may ask you for penalty fee for late payment because form has been already submitted. 

If you ask other side with boy/girl or family about the payment  they will say we have done or about to do.  

After the payment they will call you and talk with you and from the very next day. They will not pick your calls. And once you call matrimonial person they will not call you back or, pick your calls. They will start ignoring you.

In India, there is a new version of scam is going on. People are losing their money. People are getting calls from some matrimonials (specially girls) saying that are you looking of bridge or groom. Then they will suggest few pictures and details. That is totally fake. I have talked many people saying that they were convinced with the profiles but really they are not real people. They use our needs and emotions to make money once payment is done they will not pick your calls.

They have whole setup to run this scam.  They download pictures from internet using some img website like Pinterest. They also use celebrate image to impress people. 

Before proceeding to payment check google reviews and rating, Social media accounts and post, cross check the numbers they are calling through. Please cross check through every angle before proceeding. Because once payment is done they will not refund. 

Once you receive a call from one matrimonial it is definite you will get calls from others too. And Believe me, they all are fake. Most of the images you can easily find on Google or Facebook. I will suggest you ask employee ID card, Company GST No., Company Website, Franchises paper, Video calling with to be Bride or Groom. If they are working ask the company id card.

I will suggest for well known websites like,, BharatMatrimony. 

There is a  big list of these fake websites and organisations.

On top is:

Jeevan Jodi Matrimonial – 

Matrimony Life Partner –

Marry Choice 

These are some account numbers details of some matrimonial

Matrimonial Life Partner:



AC. NO – 37194482920


Branch name – A.D.A Jaipur house Agra

Jivan Jodi Matrimonial :

Sbi bank a/c name- matrimony search point

A/c no- 39200076542

Ifsc code- sbin0050181

Matrimonial Services / Matrimonial Center

Bob bank name- matrimonial services
A/c no.- 39300200000243

Phone numbers are:

Swati : +91 72481 66725

Parul Chauhan: +91 98372 89997

Priya: +91 70880 01393

Roshni: 092048 13169

Shivangi: 72481 66725

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